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 Groningen Airport Eelde  1980-1985

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  PH-BNF Beech F.33C Bonanza c/n CJ-135

In the period 1977-1991, the Rijksluchtvaartschool operated a total of 16 Beech F.33C Bonanza. The Beech F.33C Bonanza replaced the SAAB 91D Safir in service with the RLS. In 1981, two additional Beech F.33A Bonanza were added to the fleet. Beech F.33C PH-BNF was registered on 20 January 1978. From 1990,the Beech F.33A and F.33C in service with the RLS were replaced by the Beech A36AT Bonanza. Beech F.33C Bonanza PH-BNF was sold in the UK. Registration PH-BNF was cancelled on 27 February 1991 and the aircraft was registered G-BTFN the same day. After the registration G-BTFN was cancelled on 24 February 1997, the Beech was registered N249SL in the USA on 13 March 1997.

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LN-KLK Convair CV-440-61 Metropolitan c/n 357

On 21 August 1956, Convair CV-440-61 Metropolitan c/n 357 was delivered to S.A.S./A.B.A. as SE-BSR "Bjarne Viking". In 1975, the aircraft was transferred to Nor-Fly A/S and registered LN-KLK in Norway on 3 December 1975. After being withdrawn from use with Nor-Fly A/S, the LN-KLK was transferred to Metropolitan, that was set up to keep this plane active as a flying monument. Nowadays Metropolitan LN-KLK belongs to the collection of the Flyhistorisk Museum at Stavanger Airport Sola. On 14 May 1984, the propliner was seen at Eelde in the colours of Metropolitan.

LN-SUE Fokker F27 Mark 154 Friendship c/n 10245

The Busy Bee Air Service A/S Fokker Friendship LN-SUE was photographed on 1 October 1983. This F-27 flew first on 19 February 1964 as PH-FFL. On 6 March 1964, it was registered LN-SUE with Braathens SAFE A/S. The LN-SUE was transferred to their subsidiary Busy Bee / Airexecutive Norway A/S on 11 November 1975. After Busy Bee was declared bankrupt on 18 December 1992, the aeroplane was transferred to Sweden. It was registered SE-KZD on 2 June 1993 with Swetrail Transport A/B and operated by Air Nordic Sweden Aviation. On 13 November 1996, the aircraft was withdrawn from use and ferried to Woensdrecht in the Netherlands. On 31 March 2004, the aircraft arrived by road in Heerenveen. The aircraft will be used by Ricas Safety Trainingen BV in their training programs.

  G-AOYO Vickers V.806 Viscount c/n 264

British Air Ferries operated a number of Viscounts. On 11 May 1984, the G-AOYO operated a charter to Eelde. This Viscount was initial delivered as G-AOYO to BEA on 3 April 1958; it was transferred to B.K.S. Air Transport on 30 May 1968. On 1 November 1970, BKS changed its name to Northeast Airlines. In July 1973, the airline became part of the British Airways group and on 31 March 1976 the Northeast fleet, including the G-AOYO, became part of British Airways. After the Viscount was wfu, the C of A expired on 4 April 1982. The V.806 was brought back in service with British Air Ferries and was registered G-AOYO on 27 January 1984. G-AOYO was de-registered on 24 September 1985. It entered service as EC-DXU with Lineas Aereas Canarias on their inter-island services. The Viscount is stored derelict at Tenerife Los Rodeos as EC-DXU in the L.A.C. colours.

  G-BAVX Handley Page H.P.R.7 Dart Herald 214 c/n 194

On 4 September 1983, the speedway World Championship took place in Norden in Germany. The British drivers were favourite. The supporters were flown in with BAF Herald G-BAVX and Viscount G-AVJB & G-AOHV; Dan Air 748 G-BHJC; Air UK F-27 G-BCDN and a number of smaller aircraft. Handley Page HPR.7 Dart Herald G-BAVX flew first on 28 December 1967 and was delivered on 10/04/1968 as PP-SDN to Sadia. It was registered 18/04/1973 as G-BAVX with BMI. On 13 January 1977, it entered service with British Air Ferries. On 30 October 1991, it was reregistered G-DGLD with BAF. This registration was cancelled on 19 June 1996 after the aircraft was withdrawn from use. When seen at Eelde, the Dart Herald was in the basic colours of Aero Turbo Panama to which it was leased in 1982.

  SE-BFX ERCO 415D Ercoupe c/n 4413

ERCO, the "Engineering and Research Corporation", formed in 1930 and located in Riverdale, Maryland, USA, built a variety of aircraft components and equipment for the aircraft industry. The first flight of the Ercoupe was made in October 1937 as the ERCO 310. The Erco 310 prototype was the basis for the production Model 415C Ercoupe. The post-war production version of the 415C was fitted with a 75 hp Continental C-75-12 engine. The Ercoupe remained virtually unchanged in production till 1969. The SE-BFX, that visited Eelde on 2 August 1981, is a model 415D out of 1947. It was registered NC3788H before. This Erco 415D Ercoupe is one of a dozen of this model still active in Europe. In the Netherlands just the PH-NCE survived. The PH-NCE was registered already on 5 December 1947.

  N22387 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec F c/n 27-7754065

KLM Aerocarto was founded in 1921 by the KLM as "Fototechnisch Bedrijf". It started as an oblique photography company using KLM aircraft. In the early 1930s they received their first vertical camera. The first aircraft to be designated especial for KLM Aerocarto was the Fokker F.VIIa PH-ADR (ex H-NADP, H-NADR) which was re-registered PH-OTO on 14 December 1931. KLM Aerocarto operated over the years a wide range of aircraft including two Douglas DC-3C. Piper Aztec PH-OTI (ex. N62832) was registered by KLM Aerocarto BV on 1 March 1977. Registration PH-OTI was cancelled 10 January1983. On 2 February 1983, the Aztec was registered N22387 in the US. Piper PA-23-250 Aztec F N22387 stayed for some time in service with KLM Aerocarto and was seen at Eelde on 22 May 1983.


LN-SUH Boeing 737-205 c/n 21219 l/n 460

Braathens S.A.F.E. Boeing 737-205 LN-SUH "Sigurd Jorssalfar" was seen at Eelde on 18 April 1984. Over the years, a number of Braathens aircraft visited Eelde. Next to the different Boeing 737-types: the Douglas DC-6B; Fokker F-27 and Fokker F-28 were noted. Boeing 737-205 LN-SUH flew first 9 May 1976 and was registered to Braathens S.A.F.E. A/S on 20 May 1976. After registration LN-SUH was cancelled in 1988, the Boeing was registered N7031A and CC-CYD. On 3 October 2002, the airliner was registered LV-ZZA with Southern Wings.

  G-APEK Vickers V.953C Merchantman c/n 714

At the end of 1980, Air-Bridge Carriers maintained an air bridge out of England to Eelde by which large numbers calves were flown over. ABC used the Merchantman and the AW650 Argosy 101 on these flights. On 31 October 1980, Vickers V.953C Merchantman G-APEK was photographed, still painted in the basis colours of the former owner British Airways. The G-APEK was ordered in 1957 by BEA as a V.951, but on 30 August 1961, it flew first as a V.953 Vanguard, a 139-seats airliner. In October 1969, the G-APEK was withdrawn from use by BEA and converted into a V.953C Merchantman cargo aeroplane. It entered service after the conversion with BEA on 17 February 1970. After the merger of BEA with BOAC, etc. V.953C G-APEK entered the fleet of British Airways. On 5 November 1979, the G-APEK was sold to ABC. After the airframe was permanently withdrawn from use, registration G-APEK was cancelled on 6 November 1996.

  XR442 De Havilland DH-114 Sea Heron C.1 c/n 14102

Next to the AAC; RAF and the Royal Marines, the Royal Navy was a regular visitor. On 6 August 1984, Sea Heron XR442 was photographed when it was in on a navigation flight out of Yeovilton. In May 1956, the aircraft was delivered first as G-AORH to Jersey Airlines. On 17 April 1961, the propliner entered service as XR442 with the Yeovilton Station Flight. After being retired from service with the Royal Navy the Sea Heron C.1 was registered G-HRON with St Helena Airways on 4 April 1991. DH114 Heron 2 G-HRON was registered with Michael Ewart Revans, Blandford Forum, on 11 May 1993. Registration G-HRON was cancelled by CAA on 10 April 2002 and the aircraft is stored at Gloucestershire Airport.

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