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PH-BNF Beech F.33C Bonanza c/n CJ-135 - RLS - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 14 September 1989 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The Beech 33 Bonanza is a single-engined, low wing, four-seat light cabin aircraft with a retractable tricycle landing gear. Beech Aircraft Corporation introduced the Model 33 as a cheaper, lighter-weight 4-seater version of the popular Beech Model 35 Bonanza. The Beechcraft Bonanza is an American general aviation aircraft introduced in 1947 by Beech Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas. The Model 33 design used the Bonanza fuselage, a similar wing with blunted tips and a single fin/rudder in place of the V-tail. The prototype Beech 33 Debonair, N829R c/n DC-1, was flown first on 14 September 1959. The Beech 33 Debonair was placed in production in 1960. Initial Model 33 production was powered by a 225 hp Continental IO-470-J engine, and the A33, which appeared in 1961, featured a gross weight increase from 2,900 to 3,000 lb.; revised aileron and elevator trim tab systems. In 1962, the B33 was introduced with an IO-470-K engine and various refinements. The C33, first produced in 1965, differed from its predecessor in having an enlarged rear window and a restyled cabin interior. A more powerful version of the Debonair was the C33A that joined the C33 in production in 1966. The name Debonair was dropped in 1967, and the name Bonanza was adopted for this model range as well. Development of the 33 continued with the E33 and E33A, the aerobatic E33C, the economy G33 and the F33, available in A and aerobatic C models powered by a 285 hp Continental IO-520-BA. The F33A remained in production until 1996, bringing the number of Beech Model 33 built at 3352. On 8 February 1980, the Beech Aircraft Corporation became a subsidiary of the Raytheon Company, the aircraft were therefore also known as Raytheon Beech. In 2006, Raytheon sold Raytheon Aircraft to Goldman Sachs creating Hawker Beechcraft. The entry into bankruptcy of Hawker Beechcraft on 3 May 2012 ended with its emergence on 16 February 2013 as a new entity: Beechcraft Corporation.
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the Beech 33 Bonanza is BE33.

In the period 1977-1991, the Rijksluchtvaartschool at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands operated a total of 16 Beech F.33C Bonanza. In 1981, two additional Beech F.33A Bonanza were added. From 1990, the Beech F.33A and F.33C in service with the RLS were replaced by the Beech A36AT Bonanza.
On 20 January 1978, the 1978-built Beech F.33C Bonanza s/n CJ-135 \was registered PH-BNF. The registered owner of the PH-BNF was Staat der Nederlanden / Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat / Rijksluchtvaartdienst / Directie Rijksluchtvaartschool, Eelde. This Beechcraft is powered by a 285hp Continental IO-520-BA-12B engine. Beech F.33C PH-BNF was sold in the UK. On 27 February 1991, registration PH-BNF was cancelled and the aircraft was registered G-BTFN the same day. On 24 February 1997, registration G-BTFN was cancelled; on 13 March 1997, the Beech was registered N249SL in the USA. Since the aircraft was re-registered N833AB and N533C.
On 14 September 1989, Beech F.33C Bonanza PH-BNF was seen in service with the RLS at Groningen Airport Eelde.

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