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 Groningen Airport Eelde  1985-1990

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  PH-CTG Cessna 500 Citation c/n 500-0234

The Rijksluchtvaartschool was Government owned. However their aircraft were primarily used for flight instruction, the Dutch Government used the aircraft also for VIP-transport. The 1974-built Cessna 500 Citation PH-CTG operated also as a calibration aircraft for the RLD. It was the successor of the HFB-320 Hansa Jet PH-HFC, that was phased out in 1985. Next to the titling, its special tasks are visible by the electronics bubble on the roof as seen on the photo. Cessna 500 PH-CTG was registered in the Netherlands by the Dutch Government on behalf of the Rijksluchtvaartschool on 26 March 1975. After almost for 22 years being operated in the Netherlands, registration PH-CTG was cancelled on 19 February 1997 and the Citation was registered N70CA in the USA on 24 June 1997.

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EC-EID Boeing 737-3TO c/n 23941 l/n 1520

In 1988, a part of the IT-charter program was flown by Universair. Universair SA was founded in 1987. Operations began using Boeing 737-300 aircraft on charter flights from Germany, Holland and other points in Europe to Spain. In 1991, UniversAir was integrated into Meridiana. Boeing 737 EC-EID was photographed by Jack Poelstra in May 1988. The Boeing flew first 26 February 1988, after it was built for Texas Air Corporation as N76360. It was transferred to Aeronautics Leasing Inc. on 21 March 1988 and leased to Universair on 30 March 1988. Before receiving its registration EC-EID on 29 April 1988, the Boeing was registered EC-138. Boeing 737-3TO EC-EID was transferred to Air Europa and returned in 1992 to the lease company in the USA. The Boeing was registered N684WN on 11 May 1992.

EC-EIK McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 c/n 4966 l/n 1467

Oasis Airlines was active on the charter-program of 1988. Oasis was founded in 1986 as Andalusair and in 1988 renamed Oasis Airlines after being taken over by the Oasis Hotel Group. The MD-83 EC-EIK was photographed by Jack Poelstra in June 1988. This aircraft was temporarily registered with Oasis on 16 May 1988 as EC-163 before it became EC-EIK on 16 June 1988. The MD-83 was leased from GPA and served only a short period with Oasis. After being registered with AVIACO as EC-289 and again EC-EIK it returned to GPA as EI-CGA. Oasis Airlines had to end its activities in 1997.

  PH-KJB BAe HP.137 Jetstream 3108 c/n 648

Netherlines was founded in 1984. After NLM stopped with the AMS-GRQ service, Netherlines took over this route. The GRQ-AMS service was flown 5 times a day with the Jetstream. The British Aerospace Jetstream 31 is a transport aircraft for up to 19 passengers, developed from the earlier Handley Page Jetstream 1. After Netherlines was taken over by the KLM in 1990, the AMS-GRQ service once again was stopped. In 1992, NLM and Netherlines merged into KLM Cityhopper. The 1984-built Jetstream c/n 648 flew first with the test registration G-31-648. It was registered as PH-KJB on 21 March 1985. The PH-KJB was photographed on 9 October 1985. In January 1991 the aircraft was sold to BASE Business Airlines.

  PH-RPM Britten-Norman BN-2T Turbo Islander c/n 2190

The aviation-division of police in the Netherlands: the "Dienst Luchtvaartpolitie van het Korps landelijke politiediensten" (KLPD) operates a number of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Their first aircraft was an Auster III, which was registered PH-POL with Corps Rijkspolitie/Dienst Luchtvaart on 18 April 1955. The Auster III served before as 8A-6 with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Over the years a wide range of aeroplanes and helicopters was operated by the police force of the Netherlands, including the Britten-Norman BN-2T Turbo Islander and the MBB Bölkow Bo-105C. On 14 September 1989, Britten-Norman BN-2T Turbo Islander PH-RPM was photographed at Eelde with on the background MBB Bölkow Bo.105C PH-RPR.

  PH-VTH De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver 3 c/n 1244

On 21 August 1958, DHC-2 Beaver 3 c/n 1244 was registered PH-VTH with Technische Hogeschool Delft. It was operated out of Rotterdam-Zestienhoven as a research aircraft. When photographed on 14 September 1989, the Beaver was operated by the TU-Delft and wear "Experimental automatic digital autopilot" titles. On 22 December 1993, Beaver PH-VTH was registered to the "Stichting Historische Vliegtuigen Zeeland" and based at Midden-Zeeland. The aircraft was sold in the USA and registered N243A on 5 August 1997. De Havilland DHC-2 N243A is based at Flagstaff, Arizona.

  EC-ECO McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 / MD-83 c/n 49442 l/n 1358

AirSur was one of the operators that flew the 1989 charter program. AirSur was formed in 1985 as Canafrica Transportes Aereos. In June 1988, Canafrica Transportes Aereos was renamed Air Sur. AirSur had to end its activities in 1991. Jack Poelstra photographed their MD-83 EC-ECO on 7 June 1989. This McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 made its first flight on 28 March 1987 and was delivered to the GPA Group Ltd. on 28 April 1987. It was leased to Canafrica Transportes Aereos the same day as EC-ECO. On 6 November 1990, McDonnell Douglas MD-83 EC-ECO was returned to GPA and registered in Ireland as EI-CBO.


954 Lochheed C-130H Hercules c/n 4336

In the mid-eighties, the RNoAF was equipped with six C-130's: 68-10952, 953, 954, 955, 956 and 957, which are operated by 335 skv out of Oslo-Gardermoen. The Lockheed C-130 entered service with the RNorwAF in 1969 as the C-130H; starting in 1998, they were modified into the C-130J model. All are named after Norse Gods: 68-10952 Odin; 68-10953 Tor; 68-10954 Balder; 68-10955 Frøy; 68-10956 Brage; 68-10957 Ty. RNorwAF C-130H Hercules 954 was seen at Eelde on 3 March 1985. In that period, the Hercules was operated on UN duties and wear UN-titles next to the Royal Norwegian Air Force markings.

  G-BEJD BAe HS.748-105 c/n 1543

DAN-AIR London started their operations in 1953 with a Douglas C-47B Dakota. They operated a large number of aircraft and aircraft types over the years until operations were ceased in 1992. They visited Eelde with their Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador; De Havilland DH-106 Comet 4C and the Hawker-Siddeley HS-748. Their 1961-built HS-748 G-BEJD (ex LV-PUF; LV-HHE) was seen at Eelde when it operated a passenger flight on 9 October 1985. On 15 July 1992, the entire Dan Air fleet of six BAe 748s together with a large spares inventory was acquired by Janes Aviation748 Ltd., since renamed EAL (Emerald Airways Ltd.) The G-BEJD was registered with Emerald Airways Ltd. on 3 August 1992.

  PH-NZS Sikorsky S-76B Eagle c/n 760325

KLM Helikopters' Sikorsky S-76B PH-NZS and PH-NZV were seen at Eelde on 11 November 1989. S-76B PH-NZS was registered with KLM Helikopters BV on 18 December 1986. Company name and ownership changed into KLM ERA Helicopters BV in 1995. Sikorsky PH-NZS was operated from 26 January 1996 till 24 February 1998 by KLM ERA Helicopters (UK) Ltd. as G-UKLS. In 1998, KLM ERA Helicopters was integrated into Schreiner Northsea Helicopters BV. On 3 July 1998, S-76B PH-NZS was registered to the new owner. In 2005, Schreiner Northsea Helicopters was integrated into CHC Helicopters. On 24 April 2006, Sikorsky S-76B Eagle PH-NZS was registered with CHC Helicopters Netherlands BV, Den Helder.

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