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Convair CV-240

Convair CV-440 Metropolitan
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LN-KLK Convair CV-440-61 Metropolitan c/n 357 - Nor-Fly A/S - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 2 October 1977 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The Convair CV-340 was a direct successor to the CV-240 and a derivative of the earlier type. The Convair CV-340 is essentially a stretched CV-240. It differs from the 240 in having a 54-in. longer fuselage permitting an increase in passenger capacity to 44, and increased wing span and area. The N3401 of Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corp., the prototype of the CV-340 flew first on 5 October 1951. The first delivery of the CV-340 was the N73103 to United Airlines on 28 March 1952. The CV-440, a refinement of the CV-340, flew first on 6 October 1955. This model has increased dimensions, giving a higher pay-load and take-off weight, and improved range. The aircraft is known as the 'Metropolitan'. A total of 209 Convair CV-340s were built, followed by 186 Convair CV-440s.

The Norwegian air charter company Nor-Fly A/S operated a number of Convair CV-440's. Nor-Fly A/S used Eelde airfield in the Netherlands for refuelling on trips from and to Norway. On 2 October 1977, Convair CV-440 LN-KLK was photographed at the Eelde tarmac when waiting for passengers on a charter from and to Oslo. Convair CV-440-61 Metropolitan s/n 357 LN-KLK was delivered first to S.A.S./A.B.A. as SE-BSR "Bjarne Viking" on 21 August 1956. In 1975, the aircraft was transferred to Nor-Fly A/S and registered LN-KLK in Norway on 3 December 1975. After being withdrawn from use with Nor-Fly A/S the LN-KLK was transferred to Metropolitan, which was set up to keep this plane active as a flying monument. Nowadays this Metropolitan belongs to the collection of the Flyhistorisk Museum at Stavanger Airport Sola in Norway.

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