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EC-ECO McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83/MD-83 c/n 49442 l/n 1358 - AirSur - Groningen Airport in Holland - 7 June 1989 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

In 1985, AirSur was founded as Canafrica Transportes Aereos. Operations began using McDonnel Douglas DC-8-61 and McDonnell Douglas MD-83 aircraft on charter flights from and to Spain. In June 1988, Canafrica Transportes Aereos was renamed Air Sur. Over the years CTA / AirSur operated a total of nine airliners: four McDonnel Douglas DC-8-61; one McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14; one McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15MC; one McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82 and two McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83. AirSur had to end its activities in 1991.

On 7 June 1989, AirSur McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83/MD-83 EC-ECO was photograped at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands. Air Sur was one of the operators that flew the 1989 charter program at Groningen Airport Eelde. McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 c/n 49442 flew first on 28 March 1987, and was delivered to the GPA Group Ltd. on 28 April 1987. The aircraft was leased to Canafrica Transportes Aereos the same day as EC-ECO and was the second MD-83 in their fleet, and the first one to enter the Spanish register. On 6 November 1990, the MD-83 EC-ECO was returned to GPA Guinness Peat Aviation and registered in Ireland as EI-CBO. On 30 May 1991, the airliner was leased as TC-TRU to TUR European Airways, followed by Transwede Airways as SE-DRU on 17 March 1994. On 21 March 1995, the airfrmae was leased to BALAIR / CTA Leisure and on 1 October 1995, to Swissair, both as HB-IUL. After the MD-83 was returned to GPA and the registration EI-CBO was restored it was leased to Nouvelair Tunisia on 28 February 1996. In September 1999, the aircraft was leased to Avioimpex and registered Z3-AAC. The airliner returned to its leisure, this time GECA - GE Capital Aviation Services Ltd on 1 November 2001 and was stored at Phoenix Goodyear in Arizona, USA. On 3 December 2001, the MD-83 was registered N949AP with the WFBN Wells Fargo Bank. It looks like the aircraft will be broken up.

page last updated: 16-07-2005
Photo Copyright © Jack Poelstra, the Netherlands

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