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PH-4H1 TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius c/n 10 SI 18 - Hoogeveen airfield in Holland - 18 July 2016 Hoogeveen airfield (EHHO)

The TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius is a hing-wing carbon composite two-seat aeroplane. TL Ultralight manufactures the TL3000 Sirius in both Ultralight and LSA versions. The Czech company TL Ultralight started in 1990 with the production of trikes. Their first ultralight was the TL-32 Typhon, of which since 1991 over 300 were produced. This type of aircraft was followed by TL 132 Condor. The TL-232 Condor Plus was a further development of the TL-132 Condor. In 1996, TL Ultralight designed a complete new type: the TL-96 Star, a high performance glasscomposite aircraft. The development took 2 years and for TL it meant the transition to complete new materials and technology. The TL-96 Star was followed by the low-wing TL-2000 Sting in as well Ultralight as LSA versions. The carbon fiber composite TL-3000 Sirius is an all new high wing sister ship of the Sting. Development started in 2006 and TL-Ultralight s.r.o. completed the first series of test flights of the high-wing TL-3000 Sirius in the Czech Republic in May and June 2008. Czech Type Certificate for the TL 3000 Sirius was received on 1 April 2010. Like the Sting, the Sirius can be powered by a Rotax 912ULS or Rotax 912UL 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid/air cooled engine or a Rotax 914UL turbo charged aircraft engine. The TL-3000 Sirius is available in an ULM and a LSA version. A wide variety of standard flight and engine monitoring instruments to full glass panel displays are available. Its large cockpit offers ample head and leg room and the large doors of the TL-3000 Sirius open upwards and are held in place by hydraulic struts. According to the type, the empty weight of the aircraft is about 297 kg. Depending of the engine used, the cruise speed is 180-230 km/hr.

On 8 July 2010, TL Ultralight TL 3000 Sirius s/n 10 SI 18 was registered PH-4H1 with Vliegclub Westerwolde/ULV, based at MLA airfield Stadskanaal in Vledderveen, the Netherlands. On 20 August 2010, the aicraft was involved in an accident at Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg in Germany. After landing the aircraft drifted off the runway and the right main gear broke off. The damage was repaired and the aircraft returned in service. On 5 August 2011, the aircraft was registered with Cycloon Holland, Venlo. The 2010-built TL 3000 Sirius is fitted with a Rotax 912ULS 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid/air cooled aircraft engine. The empty weight of the PH-4H1 is 324,7 kg and the maximum take off weight is 472,5 kg. On 20 December 2015, TL Ultralight TL 3000 Sirius PH-4H1 was presented by DWARF vliegschool at Hilversum as their newest aircraft.

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