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D-MSIG TL Ultralight TL-232 Condor Plus c/n 97 C04 - Gotha-Ost airfield in Germany - 12 June 2004 Ultralight aeroplanes

The TL Ultralight TL-232 Condor Plus is a two-seat ultralight. The Czech company TL Ultralight started with the production of trikes in 1990. Their first ultralight was the TL-32 Typhon, of which since 1991 over 300 were produced. In 1993, this type of aircraft was followed by TL 132 Condor. The TL-232 Condor Plus is a further development of the TL-132 Condor. It is a two-place ultralight airplane with seats side-by-side. The TL-232 Condor Plus is the first Czech ultralight aircraft certified also for towing of ultralight and light gliders. It is feasible to tow banners, too. Thanks to its high efficiency and cruising speed it is an ideal platform for flight training and touristic flying including long-distance flights as well. The basic version is powered by Rotax 503 engine, equipped by a two-blade wooden propeller and basic flight instrumentation only. Upon request it could be delivered with all other Rotax engines (including Rotax 912), various propellers (including electrically in-flight adjustable ones), a wide range of other instruments as for example a GPS set, fuel consumption computer etc. A rocket recovery system belongs to optional extras, too.

On 12 June 2004, the 1997-built TL-232 Condor Plus D-MSIG was photographed at the airfield Gotha-Ost in Germany. Condor Plus D-MSIG is operated by the Aero-Club Gotha.

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