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This website and the content of the website is more or less the logical result of a combination of interests: aviation; photography; and internet. In March 2000, the site started in a limited design in the English language. Today, the website is in English and Dutch available. In September 2001, the names Luchtvaart déjà vu and Aviationweb déjà vu were introduced. The site consists of a number of topics pages; the Eurocopter EC120 B productionlist, the European Airfields online database; and a growing number of airplane and helicopter photo-history pages sorted by registration and type. The photos which are used belong to the slide archive which was built from 1964. For use on the site the slides were scanned with an Acer Scanwit 2720S Scanner. Since 2004, also pictures made by digital camera are used on the site. Besides my own images, a growing number of images of third parties are used. To search in the photo-history pages, the overview pages: AeroplanesHelicopters ; and Micro Light Aeroplanes can be used.


My enthusiasm in aviation goes back to the late fifties. The RLS Harvard and Beech D-18S circling over our house in Groningen in the Netherlands attracted me to visit the airport. Two landing RAF Beverly's gave the push to get really fascinated by aeroplanes. With my first camera, an Agfa Click, I started in 1964 as a photographer when I made a photo of a Flying Enterprise' Canadair C-4 Argonaut at Groningen Airport Eelde.


Interested in as well military as civil aviation, I collect slides of all planes that are driven by an engine. This contains the whole range from ultralight aeroplanes, fighters and airliners up to the big ones like the AN-124 or even the AN-225. Next to the fixed wing aircraft the slides collection contains helicopters. My speciality, however, are the DHC-6, of which the collection has grown to about 950 colour slides and the Eurocopter EC 120 B helicopter..

  Next to slides I collect, together with my wife, postcards of airports from all over the world.  

Many airports, airfields, heliports and Air Force Bases were visited over the years. A highlight during the trips made in the past was on 27 May 1994. On this day the Soviet Air Force officially withdrew from their duty in the former DDR. The ceremony was held at Sperenberg Air Base. However we came for the transport aircraft and helicopters, I'll never forget the dramatic of this day.

  I hope this site attracts you to come back. Thank You for visiting.  
  regards,    Jack Wolbrink  

On 14 June 1999, I was photographed by one of the crewmembers of the US Navy team Blue Angels in front of their McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet 181955 # 6 at Kalispell - Glacier International Airport in Montana, USA.

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