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PH-3N2 ATEC Zephyr Model 2000 c/n Z420801A - MLA-airfield Stadskanaal airfield in Holland - 25 March 2007 MLA airfield Stadskanaal (EHST)

The ATEC Zephyr Model 2000 is a two-seat low-wing ultralight aeroplane with a fixed tricycle undercarriage. ATEC v.o.s. started in 1992 with the production of supplements and parts for ultralight aeroplanes in Libice nad Cidlinou, Czech Republic. The Zephyr 2000, developed in collaboration with Czech aircraft designer Oldrich Olsansky, was their first ultralight aircraft. The Zephyr is an advanced low-wing side-by-side two-seater, built in mixed construction of a high content of carbon composites. Production of the Zephyr started in 1997. Over 110 aircraft and kits have been sold, not only in Europe, but also in Australia and North America.

The 2001-built ATEC Zephyr Model 2000 s/n Z420801A was registered PH-3N2 on 18 September 2001. The airplane is fitted with a four-stroke liquid-cooled Rotax 912 UL DCDI engine. The PH-3N2 was photographed at the MLA-aerodrome Stadskanaal in Vledderveen, the Netherlands.

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