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OK-NUL 43 C003 (built by Joost Conijn) - Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands - 31 August 2013 Ultralight aeroplanes

The C003 OK-NUL 43 is a single-engine, two-seat amateur built aircraft of wood, aluminium and fabric construction. The C003 is the third aircraft designed and built by the Dutchman Joost Conijn. The C003 weights 300kg and flies at a speed of 120-140 km/hr. The aircraft received her CofA in the Czech Republic and was registered OK-NUL 43 in 2008. The C003 was built for a flight to Africa where Mr. Joost Conijn planned to meet the real Africa instead of touristic Africa. In June 2010, the flight to Africa started at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands and ended in Nairobi, Kenya, four months later. The journey through and adventures in Africa are described by Joost Conijn in the book "Piloot van goed en kwaad".

C003 OK-NUL 43 was seen at its homebase Lelystad Airport, the Netherlands, on 31 August 2013.
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