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YU-A111 Aero-East-Europe SILA 450 C c/n 140617-AEE-7113-0027 - Lelystad Airport in Holland - 13 May 2015 Lelystad Airport (LEY)

The Aero-East-Europe SILA 450 C is a two-seat metalic high-wing ultralight aeroplane with a fixed tricycle landing gear. The SILA 450 C is built by Aero-East-Europe d.o.o. at Lyka Airport in Kraljevo, Serbia, and features a global completely metallic airframe realized in aluminium alloys as well in steel Cr Mo. For several parts, like the wheel caps, carbon-fibre is used. The powerplant of the SILA 450 C is a 4-cylinder-4-stroke Rotax 912UL engine or a Rotax 912 S/ULS.ULSFR engine. The airspeed is around 185 km/hr and the aircaft has fuel tanks with a volume of 45 litre in each wing. SILA stands for 'Serbian Industry of Light Aircraft'.

On 12 May 2015, the Aero-East-Europe SILA 450 C s/n 140167-AEE-0027 YU-A111 arrived on delivery at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands and was seen in front of the hangar of "Zelf Vliegen". The AEE SILA 450 C YU-A111 was built at Lyka Airport in Kraljevo, Servia, in March 2015.

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