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OO-D61 Aeropro EuroFox-Space c/n 10001 - Schaffen-Diest aerodrome in Belgium - 11 August 2007 Ultralight aeroplanes

The Aeropro EuroFox is a microlight plane developed and manufactured by Aeropro s.r.o. in Nitra, Slovakia. It is deliverable as a factory-built, ready-to-fly airplane and as a homebuilt kit, not only as a MLA but also as a VLA. Development of the "Fox" started back in 1990. The concept of the Fox was based on the design of the Avid Flyer. A number of refinements of the design resulted in the first Fox, a two-seat (side-by-side) high-wing microlight homebuild plane with tail wheel. In 1992 Aeropro z.p. was founded to build the Fox. After Aeropro received in 1995 the approvals for production and aircraft repairs from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic the Fox was renamed Eurofox for export and marketing. In 1996, the venture Aeropro z.p. was changed into Aeropro s.r.o. From the beginning in 1990 the engineering team of Aeropro is working on the further development of the Fox. Next to the original Eurofox, now known under the name "Eurofox-basic" a new model, the "Eurofox-Pro" was shown at the Aero 97. In 1999, this new model was presented as the "Eurofox-Space", named so for the fairly spacious cabin, measuring 112 cm at its widest point. The "Eurofox-Space" is equipped with a fixed trigear undercarriage with controllable front wheel. The Eurofox is available in two models: the Eurofox-Space and Eurofox-Basic. If is chosen for the homebuilt kit the customer has to do a lot of work before the plane is ready-to-fly. An 80 hp 4-cylinder-4-stroke liquid-cooled Rotax 912 UL version engine powers the MLA. With this engine the consumption is under normal circumstances 10 litre/h. As cross speed 120-160 km/h is given for the Eurofox, with a maximum speed of 185 km/h. The plane has an easy entrance by the gullwing doors. If needed a door can be removed simply. The wings of the Eurofox can be folded, which reduces the needed parking space in the hangar. By folding the wings the span of the plane of 9.125 meter is brought back to a breadth of 2.10 meter. With this breadth, a length of 5,605 meters and a height of 2.25 meters it is possibly to transport the Eurofox on a special trailer behind a car to and from the house. The LSA version of the Eurofox is known in the USA as Aerotrek A220 or A240, depending on whether it has taildragger or nosewheel undercarriage. Over 500 planes have been delivered by Aeropro, not only in Europe, but also in Africa, Canada and the USA.

The 2001-built Aeropro EuroFox-Space s/n 1001 was registered PH-3M7 in the Netherlands on 11 June 2001. The Dutch registration PH-3M7 was cancelled on 20 February 2002. The aircraft was registered OO-D61 in Belgium on 28 February 2002.

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