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LN-KAP Convair CV-240-12 c/n 153 - Mey-Air A/S - Groningen Airport Eelde, Holland - 20 December 1969 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The Convair CV-240 is a twin-engine transport aircraft accomodating up to 2 crew and 40 passengers. The aircraft is powered by two 2400 hps Prat & Whitney R-2800-CA18 eighteen cylinder radial air-cooled engines The ConvairLiner project started with the Model 110, of which the prototype NX90653 was flown for the first time on 8 July 1946. American Airlines convinced Convair to alter the CV-110 into the larger CV-240. The CV-240 was Convair's first post-war commercial airliner, and including the military variants as the T-29s and C-131s, a total of 566 of this type was manufactured. The prototype, the NX90849 of Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Inc., flew for the first time on 15 March 1947. The first delivery of the Convair-Liner was to American Airlines on 28 February 1948, who put the type into scheduled service on 1 June 1948.

On 27 March 1949, Convair CV-240-12 s/n 153 was delivered to SABENA in Brussels, Belgium, and registered OO-AWP with SABENA on 8 April 1949. After the Convair 240 was sold to LOT - Polskie Linie Lotnicze, registration OO-AWP was cancelled on 7 October 1957 and the airliner was registered SP-LPA in Poland. LOT sold their Convair to World Associates and it was delivered as N653W on 28 January 1966. The N653W was designated for Westernair of Albuquerque Inc. but on 31 July 1966, the Convair was temporarily registered LN-KAP in Norway. On 8 September 1966, the aircraft was registered LN-KAP with Polaris Air Transport A/S and named 'Vega'. On 15 September 1969, CV-240 LN-KAP was registered to H O Meyer, Oslo, as owner with Mey-Air A/S as operator. Mey-Air A/S was in that period a regular visitor at Groningen-Eelde airfield in the Netherlands with their Beech 99, Beech 100 and Cessna 402. In the early morning the planes came in for fuel during a regular newspaper flight from Paris to Scandinavia. On 18 December 1969, Mey-Air' Convair CV-240 LN-KAP came in on a passengers charter and stayed until the 22th. On 28 June 1974, the LN-KAP was registered with Norwegian Overseas Airways in Oslo. After the Convair was withdrawn from use, registration LN-KAP was cancelled on 20 August 1974. This Convair CV-240-12 is scrapped.

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