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Convair CV-240

Convair CV-440 Metropolitan
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PH-PBA USAAF 0-30665
Martin 4-0-4
D-ACIG Convair CV-440-68 Metropolitan c/n 211 - Lufthansa - Bremen City Airport in Germany - September 1967 Lufthansa

The Convair CV-340 was a direct successor to the CV-240 and a derivative of the earlier type. The Convair CV-340 is essentially a stretched CV-240. It differs from the 240 in having a 54-in. longer fuselage permitting an increase in passenger capacity to 44, and increased wing span and area. The N3401 of Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corp., the prototype of the CV-340 flew first on 5 October 1951. The first delivery of the CV-340 was the N73103 to United Airlines on 28 March 1952. The CV-440, a refinement of the CV-340, flew first on 6 October 1955. This model has increased dimensions, giving a higher pay-load and take-off weight, and improved range. The aircraft is known as the 'Metropolitan'. A total of 209 Convair CV-340s were built, followed by 186 Convair CV-440s.

On 18 October 1954, the Convair CV-340-68 s/n 211 was delivered to Lufthansa as D-ACIG. In 1960, in service with Lufthansa, Convair CV-340-68 D-ACIG was modified to a Convair CV-440-68 Metropolitan. On 17 March 1969, the 1954-built propliner was purchaced by JAT / Jugoslavenski Aerotransport and entered service with JAT as YU-ADP. After the YU-ADP was withdrawn from service by JAT, the aircraft was sold and registered N94480 in the USA. On 9 January 1974, Convair CV-440 N94480 arrived at London Heathrow and left the next day on it's way to Canada. On 12 January 1974, the N94480 arrived at Toronto Pearson airport on it's way to the US. In July 1976, Convair CV-440 N94480 was registered with Hillcrest Aviation Inc. and in 1979, Jose Benitez was reported as new owner. With this new operator, Convair CV-440-68 N94480 was damaged beyond repair after carrying out an emergency landing following engine failure at Key West International Airport, on 16 April 1979. That day, the Convair departed Key West-Intl Airport for a local night flight. While circling, one of the engine failed. The decision to return was taken. After touchdown, the airplane was unable to stop within the remaining distance, overran and collided with coral rocks before coming to rest in a soft ground. Both pilots escaped uninjured while the aircraft was damaged beyond repair.
In September 1967, Convair CV-440-68 Metropolitan D-ACIG was seen in service with Lufthansa at Flughafen Bremen-Neuerlanden.

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