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D-MRVK ULBI WT-01 Wild Thing c/n 98-03-051 - Flugschule Bielefeld - Flugplatz Melle-Grönegau in Germany - 28 June 2012 Flugplatz Melle (EDXG)

The ULBI WT-01 Wild Thing is a two-seat all-metalic high-wing ultralight aeroplane with tail wheel. The aircraft is designed by Rainer F. Kurtz, Bamberg, Germany. The idea was to build a robust MLA aircraft capable to operate in harsh environments. It was intended to comply with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale microlight rules. Although it is a new design, the Wild Thing has similarities with the Murphy Rebel. The Wild Thing is supplied as a kit for amateur construction or as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft. In October 1995, the WT-01 Wild Thing entered production with S.C. Aerostar in Romania, that was contracted for this production by Air-Light GmbH, Hassfurt, later known as ULBI (Ultraleicht Bau International GmbH), Hassfurt. The Wild Thing is available with tailwheel (WT 01) and steerable nose wheel (WT 02). The all metal Wild Thing ultralight aircraft has folding wings. The two-seat cabin is spacious, both seats are equipped with a joystick (side- by-side). The Wild Thing can be fitted with a Jabiru 2200; Jabiru 3300; Rotax 912 UL; Rotax 912 ULS; Mid-West Hawk or a Verner SVS 1400 engine. The airspeed is around 140 km/hr and the aircaft has fuel tanks with a volume of 40 litre in each wing.

In 1998, the ULBI WT-01 Wild Thing c/n 98-03-051 was registered D-MRVK in Germany. This 1998-built aircraft is in fact an Air-Light WT-01 Wild Thing built by S.C. Aerostar in Romania. On 28 June 2012, the WT-01 taildragger D-MRVK was seen at Flugplatz Melle in service with Flugschule Bielefeld.

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