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  F-GELN Bell 47G-4A c/n 7668

The prototype of the Bell 47 was flown first on 8 December 1945. The Bell 47 design developed over the years and was in production till 1976. In February 2010, the Bell 47 type certificates were transferred to Scott's Helicopter Services. Scott's intend to restart production of a turboshaft powered version of the helicopter, using a Rolls-Royce RR300 engine and with composite rotor blades, with deliveries planned from 2016. Helicopters like the Bell 47G were common as cropsprayers. The spraying equipment was placed when needed. The spraying equipment of the helicopter was laid down when Bell 47G-4A F-GELN ( ex N1438W) was photographed at the aerodrome of Saumur in France on 27 July 1989. In 2014, the Bell helicopter was still registered F-GELN.

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D-HACA Hughes 269C / 300C c/n 72-0149

The first of two prototypes of the two-seat Hughes Model 269 helicopter flew first in October 1956, only 13 months after commencement of design work. The basic design sparked US Army interest to order 5, designated YHO-2-HU, for evaluation. Deliveries of the commercial Model 269A, designated Hughes 200, started in 1961. The three-seat Model 269B, designated Hughes 300, flew first in 1964. In 1969, the 300 was followed by the improved Model 269C, designated Hughes 300C. Hughes 300C D-HACA was photographed at Groningen Airport Eelde on 7 July 1977. Owned by Clever it was operated by Heli-Noord B.V.

PH-VBC Piper PA-25-260 Pawnee c/n 25-2264 (frame 25-2205)

The Piper PA-25 was originally developed by Fred Weick as the Ag-3. The prototype was flown first in 1957. In August 1959, deliveries started with the PA-25-150, powered by a 150 hp Lycoming O-320 engine. Deliveries of the more powerful PA-25-235 with a 235 hp Lycoming O-540-B2B5 six-cylinder air-cooled engine began in 1962. Production of the Piper PA-25 ceased in 1982. Piper PA-25-235 with frame 25-2205 was registered PH-VBC in the Netherlands on 5 March 1970. This Pawnee was operated before in the UK and Sudan as N6694Z; G-ASLJ; ST-ACH and ST-ADS. On 2 June 1982, the Type changed to PA-25-260. On 14 June 1994, the PA-25-260 Pawnee PH-VBC was photographed at Midden-Zeeland airfield in the Netherlands.

  N9486Q Ayres S-2R-T331 Turbo Thrush c/n T331-2504R

Leland Snow constructed his Model S-1 in 1953 and the prototype (N5385N c/n 1001) was extensively tested in South America before the improved Model S-2 reached production. The pre-production prototype Model S-2, was first flown in 1956. Production of the S-2B by Snow Aeronautical Company started in 1958. North American Rockwell acquired the design and production-rights of the S-2 series in November 1965. The S-2R was marketed by the growing Aero Commander Division of Rockwell. Ayres Corporation took over the rights in 1977. Ayres S-2R-T331 Turbo Thrush N9486Q was photographed at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands on 24 May 1991.

N802JH   N802JH Air Tractor AT-802A c/n 802A-0436 

Another design of Leland Snow is the Air Tractor AT-802A; an all-metal cantilever low-wing monoplane designed especially for agricultural or fire fighting operations. It has a hopper of no less than 800 U.S. Gallons and is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A turboprop engine which is highly suited for this type of flying. The standard engine for the fire-fighting versions is the 1350 hp PT6A-67AG. A popular engine is the 1295 hp PT6A-65AG. Other PT6A engines are optional, including the PT6A-67F which is rated at 1424 hp. The propeller is a Hartzell five-blade constant speed prop with reversing capabilities. On 30 September 2019, Air Tractor AT-802A N802JH was seen at Pierce Airport near Buckey Arizona in the USA.

  N21720 Cessna A188B Ag Truck c/n 18800982T

The prototype of the Cessna 188 Ag Wagon was first flown on 19 February 1965. Produced by the Cessna Commercial Division at the Wichita Pawnee Plant production deliveries started mid-1966. The Model 188 employs a number of components based broadly on those of the Model 180 cabin monoplane. Production of  Model 188 was suspended in 1985 when Cessna ceased all light aircraft production. The 1972-built Cessna A188B Ag Truck N21720 was photographed at Shelby Airport in Montana, USA, on 20 June 1999.

  PH-APR Grumman G-164B-450 AgCat B c/n 204B

The Grumman G-164 AgCat was certificated for agricultural work in January 1959, following development from the prototype which was flown first on 22 May 1957. Production aircraft were assembled by the Schweizer Aircraft Corporation under sub-contract from Grumman between 1959 and 1979. In 1981, Schweizer bought the design and production rights. Until they sold the manufacturing rights to AgCat Corporation in 1995 the AgCat remained in production with Schweizer. The 1978-built Gulfstream G-164B Agcat PH-APR was registered 11 June 1981. The aircraft was photographed at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands on 7 April 2000.


OK-JID Antonov/PZL Mielec An-2R c/n 1G186-18

Flown first on 31 August 1947, the An-2 remained in production until 1991. Over 18.000 of the different types were built in the Ukraine (5000), Poland (12000) and China (1000). The An-2R developed and built by WSK-PZL in Poland was a special agricultar model, introduced in 1964. It carried a fiberglass container for 1960 ltr. pesticides or 1350 kg fertilisers. The OK-JID was operated by Slovair , one of the successors of Agrolet. It was photographed at the airfield of Roudnice in the Czech republic on 16 June 1997.

  OK-MJO LET (Orlican NP Chocen) L-60 SF Brigadyr c/n 150822

Four hundred Brigadyrs were built and delivered by the Czechoslovak State Aircraft Factory between 1955 and 1960. This STOL aircraft was powered by a 160 hp Praga Doris M 208B engine and used extensive for agricultural work. Underwing spray bars and/or liquid nozzles at the wingtips and tail were used to dispense the fertilisers or pestcides. A substantial part of the Brigadyrs built went for export. The largest Brigadyr fleet in Czechoslovakia with more than 60 of these aircraft was owned by Agrolet. The 1958-built OK-MJO was photographed on 14 June 1997 at Liberec, Czech republic in the faded colours of Air Special, one of the successors of Agrolet. In 2002, the OK-MJO was sold in the USA and registered as N91GC.

  OK-VIH S.P.P. Z-137T Agro Turbo c/n 039

The S.P.P Z-37 Cmelak agricultural aircraft was designed as the sucessor of the Brigadyr. Flown for the first time on 30 June 1963, series production started during the spring of 1964. The power plant of the Z-37 was a 310 hp M462 nine-cylinder radial air-cooled engine. The model developed over the years. The 365 hp M601Z Turbine powered version Z-137T was introduced in 1981. Z-137T prototype was flown first in September 1981. Agro Turbo OK-VIH was seen at the airfield of Bystrice in Czech on 10 June 1993.

  DDR-TAB PZL-106 AR Kruk c/n 48040

In April 1973, the PZL-106 was flown first. The Kruk was developed by "Centrum Naukowo-Produkcynje Samolotow Lekkick - PZL" in Warsaw as a replacement of the widely used Z-37 Cmelaks of the Warsaw Pact Countries. The prototype was powered by a Avo-Lycoming, the production aircraft were fitted with a Russian Schwezow-radial engine. Interflug ordered 53 PZL-106A of which c/n 48040 was converted to a double control to enable piloteducation. After the end of the DDR and elimination of Interflug all Kruks were put out of service. DDR-TAB was grounded at Magdeburg. After a laboriously reconstruction it was licenced as D-FOAB in 1994. On 30 September 2001, this PZL-106AR Kruk was seen at Flugplatz Nordhorn-Lingen.

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