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Grumman G.164A Ag Cat
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PH-APR Grumman G-164B-450 AgCat B c/n 204B - Bogaerds Cord Holding BV - Lelystad Airport in Holland - 07 April 2000 agricultural planes

The Grumman G-164 Ag Cat is a bi-plane aircraft designed for agricultural crop spaying. The Grumman G-164 Ag Cat was certificated for agricultural work in January 1959, following development from the prototype that was flown first on 22 May 1957. Production aircraft were assembled by the Schweizer Aircraft Corporation between 1959 and 1979 under sub-contract from Grumman. In 1981, Schweizer bought the design and production rights. Until they sold the manufacturing rights to AgCat Corporation in 1995, the AgCat remained in production with Schweizer.

On 11 June 1981, the 1978-built Gulfstream G-164B Agcat s/n 204B (ex G-BFTN, N6687Q) was registered PH-APR in the Netherlands with the agricultural company A.M.Prince, Zonnemaire. On 29 July 1985, AgCat PH-APR was transferred to Vliegwerk Holland BV, Arnemuiden. On 27 November 1985, the aircraft was registered with Vliegtuigbeheer Zeeland BV, Arnemuiden. Grumman G-164B Ag Cat B PH-APR was registered with Bogaerds Cord Holding BV, Swifterbant, on 15 February 1995. After the CofA expired over a year, registration PH-APR was cancelled by the IVW (Dutch-CAA) on 30 June 2011.

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