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D-MOTY Flightworks FW-2 C80-XLS Capella c/n 061941 - Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg in Germany - 17 March 2015 Ultralight aeroplanes

The Flightworks FW-2 C80 XLS Capella is a two-seat, single-engine, high wing, ultralight aircraft built by Flightworks Corporation, Austin, Texas, USA. The Capella was available as TR (nose-wheel version) and TD (tailwheel version). The Flightworks FW-2 C80 XLS Capella is powered by a 80 hp 4-cylinder-4-stroke liquid-cooled / air-cooled Rotax 912 UL version engine. The Capella has a cruise speed of 151 km/h; the max speed is 217 km/h.

The Flightworks FW-2 C80-XLS TR Capella s/n 061941 is registered D-MOTY in Germany. The aircraft is based at Flugplatz Emden. However the aircraft is a Flightworks ultralight aircraft, the D-MOTY is marked as an Jost Leichtflugzeugbau. The aircraft was imported in Germany by Ultraleicht und Historic Aviation Joachim Jost in Dietmannsried.

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