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Robinson R22

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D-HFER Robinson R22 Beta c/n 2250 - Air Lloyd - Flugplatz Halle-Oppin in Germany - 27 July 2009 Flugplatz Halle-Oppin (EDAQ)

The Robinson R22 Beta is a two-seat small rotorcraft powered by a single Lycoming O-360-B2C four-cylinder, air-cooled piston engine. The R22 was designed by the founder of the Robinson Helicopter Company, Frank Robinson. Design of the Robinson R22 helicopter began in 1973, and an 85kW (115hp) Lycoming O235 powered prototype flew for the first time on 28 August 1975. A second followed in early 1977. The FAA certification was achieved on 16 March 1979 and deliveries started in October of that year. On 5 August 1985, the Beta model was certified. The R22 Beta had a larger oil cooler and associated installation changes were made to permit the 131 hp. takeoff rating with the O-320 engine. In 1995, the R22 Beta II model, with the Lycoming O-360-J2A engine installed, entered production. This engine is installed on s/n 2571 and subsequent in production. Over 4600 Robinson R22 helicopters are delivered to customers all over the world.

On 17 August 1995, registration D-HFER was reserved for the 1992-built Robinson R22 Beta c/n 2250 and in February 1996, the aircraft was registered D-HFER in Germany. The Robinson R22 Beta c/n 2250 was registered before N2349X in the USA with Heli-Star Aviation Inc., Wilmington, Delaware. When seen at Halle-Oppin Airfield on 27 July 2009, Robinson D-HFER was operated by Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter GmbH, Halle-Oppin Airfield. In 20014, the helicopter was sold to Helialpin AG, Altenrhein,  and registered HB-ZMX in Swiss on 10 April 2014. In service with Helialpin, the helicopters was named "Pfdi"

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