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Tecnam P92
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Tecnam P2006T
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Tecnam P2010 TDI
PH-KLX Tecnam P2006T SMP c/n 345 - Kavel 10 - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 29 October 2022 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The Tecnam P2006T SMP is a light, twin engine, four-seated cantilever high wing airplane, aluminium construction, with fully retractable tricycle landing gear, built by Tecnam. Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM S.r.l., of Capua, Italy, was founded in 1986 by the Brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale (formerly Partenavia). Tecnam entered the MLA-market with the P.92 Echo and designed and built over the years a range of MLA and VLA aircraft like the P96 Golf, P2002 Sierra and P2004 Bravo. In 2006, Tecnam started with development and design work of a new twin propeller aircraft named P2006 VELT (Very Light Twin). The prototype, Tecnam P2006T s/n 1 I-TETW, flew first on 13 September 2007. A first look at the Tecnam P2006T gives obvious the lines of the Partenavia P68 Oscar, not entirely inexplicable as the design is performed by the team of Prof Luigi Pascale. The P2006T is powered by two 73 KW or 100hp Bombardier-Rotax 912 S3 four-cylinder geared piston engines. The MTOW of the P2006T is 1230 kg with an empty weight of 800 kg giving an useful weight of 430 kg. Basic aircraft equipment configuration of the twin engine propellor aircraft allows VFR Day operation. The Tecnam P2006T SMP (Smarti Mission Platform) version is fully CS/FAR 23 IFR certified; both analogue and glass cockpit are available and validated in many foreign countries in addition to EASA/FAA. Single pilot operations are approved also in IFR. An advantage with regard to the climate is i\the flexibility with both Aviation and Automotive fuel (up to 10% ethanol content) approved, also mixed in any ratio.

Kavel 10 is a company specialised in surveying, that has developed a new technique to map areas with the help of photogrammetry and Airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).
In 2011, Kavel 10 started measuring land from the air with a drone. Kavel 10 is a real family business and the company has grown considerably. Until 2009 father Cor Brouwer was one of the two partners of contracting company Brouwer & Brouwer (BBBV) from Eastermar. Sons Albert, Richard and Stefan Brouwer are now active in Kavel 10, together with their brother-in-law Frank Staal. Kavel 10 now consists of a team of 30 people and is located in Drachten. With three planes in the air, several cars on the road and their surveyors, Kavel 10 carries out various assignments all over the world. From GPS measurements, mobile mapping to mobile and airborne LiDAR. Technologies that can all be combined to achieve the best result.
The three Tecnams that are active within the company are registered in the name of Cormileon B.V. from Eastermar. The aircraft, Tecnam P2006T in Special Mission Platform (SMP) configuration fly from their home base Groningen Airport Eelde over the Netherlands on a weekly basis. The aircraft take photos and LiDAR images of: for example building sites, river banks, cities, dykes, and sand depots. They use the latest techniques that allow the company to map The Netherlands from the air. The use of LiDAR has significant benefits: this technology measures millions of unique laser pulses on the ground surface. The link with GPS and an IMU intertial unit, and orientation parameters, ensures an accuracy of 15 millimetres.
    the current fleet of Kavel 10 consists of:
    PH-KAT Tecnam P2006T SMP s/n 317   registered on 22 September 2020  - 2020-built;
    PH-KIO Tecnam P2006T SMP s/n 279    registered on 27 February 2019    - 2019-built, testflown as I-PDVD;
    PH-KLX Tecnam P2006T SMP s/n 345   registered on 28 January 2022      - 2021-built, testflown as I-PDVE.

The 2021-built Tecnam P2006T SMP s/n 345 was testflown with Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM test-registration I-PDVE. On 24 January 2022, Tecnam P2006T SMP I-PDVE arrived at Groningen Airport Eelde on delivery to Kavel 10. On 28 January 2022, the Tecnam P2006T SMP was registered PH-KLX with Cormileon B.V. as owner and Kavel 10 as operator.
On 29 October 2022, Tecnam P.2006T SMP PH-KLX was seen in front of the hangar of Kavel 10 at Groningen Airport Eelde.
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the Tecnam P2006T is P06T.

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