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PH-EWG Tecnam P2008 JC MKII c/n 1106 - Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg in Germany - 19 April 2019 Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg (EDWF)

The Tecnam P2008-JC MKII is a hght wing, side-by-side two-seater, single engine airplane equipped with a fixed tricycle landing gear, built by Tecnam. Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM S.r.l., Capua, Italy, was founded in 1986 by the Brothers Luigi and Giovanni Pascale (formerly Partenavia). In 1992, Tecnam entered the MLA-market with the P.92 Echo. In 2008, Tecnam started with the development of the P2008, a conventionally laid out strut braced high-wing monoplane with a carbon fibre fuselage and integrated fin, destined for the MLA, Light Sport and VLA market and aimed specifically at the US market. Like the P92, the wings and tailplane are all-metal. The wing leading edge is straight except for some pinching at the root and the wing has constant chord over about the inner 60% of span. Outboard, the trailing edge is tapered; the straight wing tips are slightly upturned. Frise ailerons on piano hinges span the outboard sections and the inner sections are spanned by slotted flaps. There is a single lift strut on each side, attached to the lower fuselage. The P2008 has a low set all-moving constant chord air-cooled Rotax 912 ULS four-cylinders engine driving a two blade propeller. The cabin seats two side-by side with a door each side and baggage space behind. The cabin and cabin doors are wider than on earlier Tecnam high-wing aircraft. Its fixed tricycle undercarriage has spring cantilever main legs and a castoring, non-steerable nosewheel on a compressed rubber suspension. Ground steering is achieved by differential braking. All wheels have speed fairings. The P2008 was flown first on 30 September 2008. Deliveries of the Tecnam P2008 model started in 2009. Variants are:
  P2008 - Base model with a 100 hp Rotax 912ULS engine.
  P2008 TC - Turbocharged 115 hp Rotax 914 engine with three blade propeller.
  P2008 JC - Certified version under EASA CS-VLA rules.
On 9 May 2011, Tecnam recieved EASA Type Certification for the P2008 JC powered by a Bombardier-Rotax GmbH 912 S2 engine. Today, hundreds of P2008 ultralights, Light Sport and VLA aircraft are sold throughout the world.

On 22 June 2018, Tecnam P2008-JC MKII s/n 1106 was registered PH-EWG in the Netherlands and based at Flugplatz Stadtlohn-Vreden in Germany. The 2018-built aircraft is a VLA (Very Light Aircraft) and is powered by a 100 hp light-weight Rotax 912 S2 four strokes, liquid cooled engine. On 19 April 2019, Tecnam P2008-JC MKII PH-EWG was seen at Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg in Germany. On 25 October 2019, registration PH-EWG was cancelled as exported to India.

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