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PH-2L8 Fly Synthesis / Rodaro Storch 503 c/n ST11004304 - MLA airfield Stadskanaal in Holland - 1 May 2004 MLA airfield Stadskanaal (EHST)

The Rodaro Storch 503 is an Italian two seater ultralight three-axis aircraft with a Rotax 503 UL DCI 2stroke 2-cylinder engine. The fuselage is made by a hull high performance glass composite with a self-carrying structure strengthened by four rims that they guarantee rigidity of it. The main rim of strength crosses the whole cabin and, on it, flight loads acting on the tail boom are supported. Tail boom pipe, is made with aluminium alloy, of the same type used for the wing spar, and has been fixed to the fuselage through rivets. The Rodaro Storch established a Microlight World Record, when the aircraft reached an altitude of 7143 m on 16 April 1993. During this World record the MLA was flow by two persons out of Campoformido Airport, Udine in Italy. Nowadays Fly Synthesis, Gonars, Udine, Italy produce the Storch. The Storch is offered in four different versions: as homebuilt kit or complete aircraft, with a Rotax or Jabiru engine, each one belonging to a different potential customers and requirements.
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the Rodaro Storch 503 is STCH.

The 1993-built Fly Synthesis / Rodaro Storch 503 s/n ST11004304 was registered PH-2L8 as a Rodaro Storch on 4 June 1993. The aircraft is a Fly Synthesis / Rodaro Storch 503 but is also known an ASO Rodaro Storch as the aircraft was delivered by ASO Flugsport GmbH.
On 1 May 2004, Rodaro Storch PH-2L8 was seenp at the ULM-aerodrome Stadskanaal in Vledderveen, the Netherlands.

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