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D-MCNG Fly Synthesis Catalina NG c/n F5AB0090E23C - Berlin-Brandenburg Airport in Germany - 26 April 2018 Ultralight aeroplanes

The Fly Synthesis Catalina NG is an Italian side by side two-seat, side by three-axis, amphibian ultralight aircraft with a Rotax 582 UL 99 two-stroke two-cylinder engine. The Catalina is an amphibious aircraft designed for professional use. The Catalina is designed for heavy marine use. Therefore, the entire design process has taken into account all aspects of structural deterioration due to salt water corrosion, therefore choosing materials and processes that ensure long-term corrosion protection. The amphibian aircraft is made mostly of composite materials, including carbonfiber and fibreglass. The tricycle landing gear is fully electrically retractable, and can be extended in water by simplifying water outlets. The standard instrumentation equipment includes AvMap Ultra Efis for flight data and AvMap Engi Box for engine data, plus analog air speed indicator and compass. Much attention was paid to both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic studies. The wing (derived from Storch Classic) has a Junkers type flapperon, using an airfoil section designed to achieve very high lift coefficients at low speed. To simplify flight operations the electrically actuated flapperon has 2 positions, Take off and landing (+1) and cruise (0). The 25 + 25 lt. fuel tanks, are positioned in the hull to lower the centre of gravity of the airplane, auxiliary 15 + 15 Lt fuel tanks can be installed on wings as optionals. Ballistic parachute, and folding wing system are some of the most requested add-ons. The Catalina was was seen first at the Aero 2010 show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and is in production with Fly Synthesis since.
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the Fly Synthesis Catalina NG is CTLN.

The 2014-built Fly Synthesis Catalina NG c/n F5AB0090E23C was registered D-MCNG in Germany. The Ultralicht aircraft is powered by a Rotax 582 UL 99 engine.
On 26 April 2018, the Fly Synthesis Catalina NG D-MCNG was seen at the static of the ILA Berlin Air Show 2018 at a wet and windy Berlin-Brandenburg / Willy Brandt International Airport.

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