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D-MMRL Weller Flugzeugbau ULi V3 Rebell - MLA airfield Gees in Holland - 1 September 2018 temporary MLA airfield Gees

The Weller Flugzeugbau ULi V3 Rebell is a single-seat braced high-wing ultralight monoplane with a fixed tricycle undercarriage. For more then 30 years Roman Weller runs his aircraft workshop in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. He construct and build technically mature microlight aircraft. Today he is specialized on the German 120 kg class which is very similar to the Part 103 regulations for ultralights.
The ULi V3 Rebell is a further development of the ULi NG. In April 2013, the prototype of the Rebell was presented at the AERO to the public for the first time. In December 2013, this classic Parasol high-decker successfully passed the sample test. It was helpful that Roman Weller had developed a kind of 'modular system': the tail unit, chassis, drive unit (B+S four-stroke) and surfaces that had already proven themselves in the Uli NG could be adopted with relatively few modifications / further developments. The engine assembly is located in the nose of the fuselage. The fuselage is a welded tubular steel framework, the tail boom is designed as a self-supporting square framework with a covering. Elevator and rudder are not damped and are each designed as pendulum rudders. The tail wheel is mounted directly in the rudder and driven with it. The main landing gear is dampened by two GRP torsion springs and braked with disc brakes. The wings are made of aluminum tubular spars with glued foam ribs and, like all tail unit components, are covered with polyester fabric. The supporting structure is braced with anti-buckling struts on the fuselage structure. The rescue equipment is installed in the back of the fuselage behind the cockpit. The 24 liter fuel tank is located on the upper fuselage chords in front of the pilot and supplies the engine with falling fuel. The standard engine is the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 630 air-cooled, four-cylinder, four-stroke in-line engine. The Uli V3 Rebell aircraft is approved and type-tested according to the LTF L (2012) construction specification. All Rebels are built by Roman Weller in his workshop in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany to keep up the high quality standards. Roman sells his aircraft only completely built and testflown.

In 2016, the Weller Flugzeugbau ULi V3 Rebell was registered D-MMRL. The markings on the cover of the rescue equipment indicate that this device with serial no UW11_06_15 was approved under DAeC-62003 on 17 February 2016.
On 1 September 2018, the Weller Flugzeugbau ULi V3 Rebell D-MMRL visited the temporary MLA-airfield Gees in Drenthe, the Netherlands, during Fly-in Gees.

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