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XS166/41 Hiller UH-12E c/n 2262 - Royal Navy 705 sqdn. - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 15 August 1973 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The Hiller UH-12E is a three-seat dual-control light utility and observation helicopter. The Hiller UH-12E, or HT-2 in Naval service, is powered by a single 305 hp Lycoming VO-540-AIB six-cylinder air-cooled piston engine. The Hiller UH-12E is based on the Hiller UH-12, derived from the Model 360 two-seater of 1947. The Hiller UH-12E was flown first in 1958 and deliveries started in May 1959. The Hiller UH-12E was delivered in large numbers to the U.S. Army designated the OH-23G Raven. Over 2300 Hiller UH-12s in various models, including the UH-12E/OH-23G, were built by Hiller Helicopters, Fairchild Hiller, Rogerson Hiller and subsequently the Hiller Aircraft Corporation.

On 15 August 1973, Royal Navy Hiller UH-12E or HT.2 XS166/41 was photographed at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands when it was in together with the R.N. Hillers XS160/48, XS168/47 and XS705/45. History of Hiller helicopters in service with the Royal Navy goes back to 1950 when 20 Hiller HTE-2 helicopters were supplied under MDAP arrangements. These Hillers became the basic type for Naval helicopter training, with No. 705 Squadron at Gosport and subsequently Culdrose. In 1962, the Royal Navy ordered 14 Hiller UH-12Es to replace the ageing Hiller HTE-2s in service with the 705 sqdn. The 1962-built Hiller UH-12E XS166'41' was delivered to the Royal Navy 705 sqdn on 17 December 1962. The Hiller was registered G-BDOI on 20 January 1976. On 15 February 1993, registration G-BDOI was cancelled and the Hiller was registered HA-MIJ in Hungary. In Hungary, the Hiller was equiped with spraying equipment and operated as cropsprayer.

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