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O-36 Hiller OH-23C Raven c/n 937 - Royal Netherlands Air Force GpLV. - Deelen Air Base in Holland - 15 June 1978 RNethAF I-147 Gloster Meteor

The Hiller OH-23C is a three-seat dual-control light utility and observation helicopter. The Hiller OH-23C Raven, is powered by a single 305 hp Franklin O-355-5D six-cylinder air-cooled piston engine. The Hiller OH-23C is a further development of the Hiller UH-12, derived from the Model 360 two-seater of 1947. The Hiller OH-23C appeared in 1955 and had all-metal rotor blades and a "goldfish bowl" cockpit canopy. From 1956, 145 were delivered to the US Army as the H-23C Raven. Over 2300 Hiller UH-12s in various models, including the OH-12C/H-23C, were built by Hiller Helicopters, Fairchild Hiller, Rogerson Hiller and subsequently the Hiller Aircraft Corporation.

On 15 June 1978, the Hiller OH-23C Raven O-36 was seen at Deelen AFB in the Netherlands during the "65 jaar Koninklijke Luchtmacht" anniversary days. The Royal Netherlands Air Force received 35 Hiller OH-23B Raven and one Hiller OH-23C Raven helicopters. The aircraft were owned by the Army but flown and technical supported by Groep Lichte Vliegtuigen, formed by 298, 299 and 300 squadron of the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (RNethAF). The Hiller OH-23B Raven was the first helicopter in service with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and entered service with 298 squadron at Deelen AFB. The Hiller OH-23C Raven O-36 s/n 937 (ex 57-6521) entered service with 298 sqdn in May 1959. This sole Hiller OH-23C in service with the RNethAF was registered O-36; 8A-236 and O-36. After retirement from military dutie in April 1965, the Hiller OH-23C O-36 was added to the collection of the Miltair Luchtvaart Museum (MLM) in Soesterberg. On 30 June 2013, the MLM closed its doors and the collection moved to the new National Militair Museum (NMM) at the former Soesterberg Air Force Base. In 2014, Hiller OH-23C Raven O-36 was hung up in the exhibition hall of the new museum.

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