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Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris
FAF 34/133-CG PH-MSW
BAe HS.125 srs.3B

Cessna 500 Citation


HFB-320 Hansa

N5602 PH-HFA
Aérospatiale SE-210 Caravelle
PH-JSC SNIAS SN.601 Corvette c/n 35 - Jetstar Holland - Groningen Airport Eelde in Holland - 21 July 1977 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

The Aérospatiale SN.601 Corvette is a twin-engine executive jet aircraft for two crew and up to 14 passengers. In 1967, Nord Aviation started design studies for a light business jet known as the Nord 400. Sud-Aviation was also working on a business jet and in 1968 it was decided to join the projects. The co-operation resulted early 1969 in the SN-600, a low wing business jet with two Larzac engines in rear fuselage pods. On 1 January 1970, the main three French nationalised aircraft companies - Sud-Aviation, Nord Aviation and the missile manufacturing company, SEREB - were merged to form the SNIAS (Société Nationale Industrielle Aérospatiale). From 1984, SNIAS operated under the name of Aérospatiale. As a result of this merger the SN-600 became an SNIAS project. The first prototype SN-600, F-WRSN c/ 01, first flew on 16 July 1970. Two Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1 turbojets powered this aircraft. As a result of the test program the aircraft was redesigned. The production version of the SN-600, the SN-601, had a stretched fuselage, a taller fin and more powerful Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4 turbofans. The first SN-601, F-WUAS c/n 1, made its maiden flight on 20 December 1972. The SN-601 Corvette entered production at St.Nazaire in 1973. When production of the Corvette ended in 1977, only 40 were built.

In February 1977, the executive jet travel company Jetstar Holland BV was founded by John Block. Based at Amsterdam-Schiphol in the Netherlands, Jetstar Holland started their operations with the two Aérospatiale SN.601 Corvette: PH-JSB (s/n 26, ex. F-ODFQ), which was registered on 19 July 1977 and PH-JSC, which was registered on 16 June 1977. A third Corvette, PH-JSD (c/n 36, ex: F-BTTS), was registered with Jetstar Holland BV on 25 October 1978. With the lease of another aircraft of the type, Aérospatiale SN.601 Corvette F-BVPC (s/n 12), four Corvette executive jets were operated by Jetstar Holland BV. Investments trust Chritea BV, owner of the travel union Christoffel Reizen, wanted to grow in aviation. They owned some aeroplanes and were active in Rotterdam Airlines and purchased Jetstar Holland and Business Air Services BV. After investments trust Chritea BV bought Jetstar Holland BV, John Block left the company. Investment trust Chritea BV ran into financial problems and Jetstar Holland BV ceased operations. Corvette PH-JSC returned to Aérospatiale and registration PH-JSC was cancelled on 9 January 1981. The aircraft was registered F-GDAZ with Aérospatiale Societe Nationale Industrielle on 22 June 1981. On 8 August 1983, registration F-GDAZ was cancelled and the Corvette was re-registered as YV-589CP; YV-01CP; F-ODSR; 5R-MVD and F-ODSR. In 2004, the 1977-built Corvette F-ODSR was offered for sale by Groupe Aerostock at Paris-Le Bourget airport. The aircraft is scrapped and registration F-ODSR was cancelled on 12 April 2007.

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