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Beechcraft D-18S
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Cessna 500 Citation

PH-HFA Hamburger Flugzeugbau HFB-320 Hansa c/n 1032 - Rijksluchtvaartschool - Groningen Airport Eelde - August 1973 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

In 1960, Hamburger Flugzeugbau GmbH started the development of the HFB-320. In the development of the Hansa they have co-operated with several other companies, the Dutch Fokker concern being responsible for the typical forward-swept wing and the Spanish CASA concern for the rear fuselage and tail. The first pre-production prototype D-CHFB made its first flight on 21 April 1964. In the second part of 1968, after three HFB-320 were ordered for the RLS, the Hansajet became well known at Groningen-Eelde. HFB directed a number of brand-new HFB-320 Hansa jets to Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands for test flying and training. One of the Hansa Jets which came in at Eelde in this period was the D-CERE. The D-CERE made its first flight on 10 December 1968, was delivered on 10 January 1969 as PH-HFA to the RLS and officially handed over on 17 Janaury 1969.

The Beech D-18S in service with the RLS at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands was succeeded by the Hamburger Flugzeugbau HFB-320 Hansa Jet. Due to their noise the three HFB-320 Hansa Jets had a short live in RLS-service: delivered in 1969; they were already phased out in 1976. Hansa Jet PH-HFA and PH-HFB were sold to European Aircraft Company on 15 February 1977. Only HFB-320 PH-HFC remained in service with the RLD as a calibration aircraft until 1985. Registration PH-HFA was cancelled on 23 November 1976. After the aircraft was sold in the USA the airframe was registered N132MW (N130MW ntu) with Midwest Air Charter on 14 April 1977. After it was converted to a cargo-configuration the N132MW was declared airworthy on 4 June 1977. The Hansa was transferred to Airborne Express Inc. on 9 August 1977. In 1984, HFB-320 N132MW was withdrawn from use at Monterey Airport in California. The aircraft was scrapped and ended at the fire-service of Monterey Airport.

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