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PH-4F2 Aerospool WT9 Dynamic c/n DY344/2010 - Hoogeveen airfield in Holland - 17 May 2012 vliegveld Hoogeveen (EHHO)

The Aerospool WT9 Dynamic is a two-seat high-performance ultralight airplane designed by Wala Tadeas. Development of the Aerospool WT9 Dynamic started in 1998. The prototype of the WT9 Dynamic, the D-MXWT flew first in 2000. For the construction of this aeroplane has been made optimal use of advanced materials as polyurethane and carbon composites. The fuselage of the plane consists of composites sandwich shells where the main construction element is carbon fibre. The ergonomic designed canopy frame is made out of carbon composite, for the canopy an acrylic glass design made by Mecaplex is used. As power plant the 80hp Rotax 912 UL and the 100 hp Rotax 912S is available. Next to the Dynamic "Club" with fixed landing gear, the Dynamic "Speed" is available with an electrohydraulic retractable landing gear. The empty weight of the basic aircraft starts as low as 265kg. The Dynamic "Speed S" with the Rotax 912ULS engine has a cruise speed of 240 km/h. In 2001, Aerospool s.r.o. begun with the production of the Dynamic in their modern factory on the airport of Prievidza in Slovakia. Apart from the ready-to-fly aircraft the Dynamic is available as a basic kit and it is also possible to order a partially assembled kit. To improve the flying qualities a new wing with a winglet was developed. Aerospool has built over 500 WT9 Dynamic aircraft. A further development of the WT9 Dynamic is the Dynamic OK Edition a wholly from bottom up re-engineered aircraft.

Aerospool WT9 Dynamic PH-4F2 was one of the visitors of Wings en Wheels 2012 at Hoogeveen airfield. The 2010-built Aerospool WT9 Dynamic c/n DY344/2010 is fitted with the new wing with winglets and was registered PH-4F2 in the Netherlands with C.M Zegwaard, Assen, on 4 March 2010. Registered ownership of the PH-4F2 changed to G.S. Mulder, Assen, on 10 September 2010. The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 912ULS engine.

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