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LN-ORM Bell 214B-1 "Big Lifter" c/n 28054 - Helitrans AS - Groningen Airport Eelde, Holland - 25 June 2005 Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ}

The Bell 214 is a 16-seat medium lift utility helicopter powered by a single Lycoming turboshaft engine. The single, two-blade rotor gives the helicopter a distinctive whomp-whomp sound that could be heard miles away. The Bell 214 or Model 214 "Huey Plus" was developed out of the Bell Model 205, or UH-1D. The prototype of the Model 214 flew first in 1970. The Model 214 went into production as the model 214A with the first production helicopter flying on 13 March 1974. Bell developed a civil derivative of the Model 214A, the Model 214B "BigLifter", with modest changes including emergency escape windows in the cargo doors, an civilian avionics, and an engine fire extinguishing system. Next to the role as passenger transport the "Big Lifter" is used as a "flying crane" with an external cargo hook and as a firefighter. The Model 214B was certified on 27 January 1976, but production ended already in 1981.

The 1980-built Bell 214B-1 s/n 28054 was original delivered as LN-ORM to Lufttransport AS. The helicopter was transferred to Helifly AB and registered in Sweden as SE-HLE. In the summer of 2000, Scandinavian Helicopter Group acquired Helifly AB and as a result Helifly was merged into the Osterman Helicopters AB of the same owner. Big Lifter SE-HLE was transferred to Osterman Helicopter AB in January 2001. The SE-HLE was transferred as LN-ORM to Helitrans AS. Bell 214B-1 LN-ORM of Helitrans AS wear additional Skogbrann titles when photographed at Groningen Airport Eelde in the Netherlands.

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Photo Copyright © Jack Poelstra, the Netherlands

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