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71+69 Dornier-Bell UH-1D c/n 8229 - German Air Force - Wittmundhafen AFB, Germany - 4 August 2004 Wittmund Air Base (ETNT)

The Bell 205 is a 15-seat medium lift utility helicopter powered by a single Lycoming turboshaft engine. The single, two-blade rotor gives the helicopter a distinctive whomp-whomp sound that could be heard miles away. The Bell 205 was developed out of the Bell Model 204, or UH-1B. The Model 205, or UH-1D divers primarily from the model 204 in having a longer cabin capable of accommodating twelve troops or six casualty stretchers. The prototype of the Model 205 flew first on 16 August 1961. Series production of the UH-1D commenced during 1963. Due to the Vietnam War the Bell UH-1 series Iroquois was mass-produced for the U.S. Army. The Bell UH-1D Iroquois, better known as the "Huey", began arriving in Vietnam in 1967. Ultimately more than 600 UH-1Ds were transferred to South Vietnam. More than 12,000 Model 205s were built by Bell and its licensees up to the early 1980s of which 344 UH-1Ds were built under license by Dornier in Germany.

Dornier-Bell UH-1D Iroquois s/n 8229 is one of the 334 airframes of the helicopter built at Oberpfaffenhofen in 1968-1971. The Huey was delivered as 71+69 to the Luftwaffe Hubschraubertransportgeschwader 64, the GermanAF HTG64. UH-1D Iroquois 71+69 was photographed at Wittmundhafen Air Base near Wittmund in Germany on 4 August 2004.

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