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D-MMSB Rans S-12 Airaile c/n 1292359 - Bielefeld airfield in Germany - 22 August 2004 Ultralight aeroplanes

The Rans S-12 Airdale is a two-seat side-by-side, high-wing microlight airplane with a single-engine in pusher-configuration; a fixed tricycle undercarriage and controllable nose wheel. The S-12 Airaile was designed by Randy Schlitter as the market requested a two-place pusher with side-by-side seating that was economical to buy, quick to build and easy to fly. The S-12 Airaile entered production with Rans Inc. in March 1990. The basic construction of the aircraft is a bolt and rivet together aluminum tube construction, with a front pilot enclosure constructed of welded steel tubing. This pilot enclosure is attached to the main boom tube which runs to the tail assembly. The wing and tail assembly is covered in dacron sail cloth and the pilot enclosure can be purchased with a full enclosure, partial enclosure or just a windscreen. The original S-12 Airaile has developed over the years. Variants based on the original S-12 Airaile were the S-12S Super Airaile; S-12XL Airaile; S-14 Airaile; S-17 Stinger and S-18 Stinger II. Current production model is the S-12XL Airaile. The standard engine of the Rans S-12 series is the Rotax 503; 582; 912 or 912S. Standard prop for 503, 582, and 912 is 2-blade (Tennessee). Standard prop for 912S is a 3-blade Ward Drive. Over 1000 Rans S-12 Airaile Series kits has been delivered to customers throughout the world. Rans Inc. was founded by Randy Schlitter in 1974 and started with the development of sailtrikes. In 1983, Rans Inc. started with the production of aircraft and has delivered over 4000 UL-aeroplanes complete or as a building package since. Today, Rans Aircraft designs and builds UL-aeroplanes and light-sport-aircraft.

The 1993-built Rans S-12 Airaile s/n 1292359 D-MMSB featured a Rotax 582 engine in pusher-configuration. The D-MMSB was photographed during the Fly-In 2004 at Bielefeld-Windelsbleiche airfield in Germany. On 30 August 2008, the ultralight aircraft was destroyed in a fatal crash shortly after take-off at Sonderlandeplatz Torgau-Beilrode.

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