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D-ECCI Klemm Kl.35D c/n 1904 - vliegveld Hoogeveen in Holland - 13 May 2006 vliegveld Hoogeveen (EHHO)

The Klemm Kl.35D two-seat low wing gull-winged airplane of fixed metal, wood and fabric construction with fixed undercarriage and tail skid or tail wheel. The aircraft was designed and built by Leichtflugzeugbau Klemm GmbH in Böblingen, Germany, founded by Hanns Klemm in 1926. Developed in 1934, on behalf of the Reichsluftfahrtministeriums (RLM), the Klemm 35 was evolved from the all-wooden construction Klemm L25 from 1926. The Kl35 was generally similar in appearance, but instead of a straight wing, it had a gull wing. In 1927, the Klemm L25, evolved from the all-wooden construction Klemm-Daimler-Leichtflugzeug L20 from 1924, entered production. When the production of the Klemm Kl.25 ended in 1939, over 600 airframes were built. The prototype Klemm Kl.35A powered by a 80hp Hirth HM 60R four cylinder inverted air cooled engine flew first in February 1935. The Klemm 35 entered production te same year. In 1938, the improved Klemm KL35D, designed to serve as a trainer with the Luftwaffe, entered production. The Klemm Kl35D differed in being powered by a 105hp Hirth HM504 A-02 engine and it had a braced and strengthened undercarriage with spats removed. Apart from the standard wheel undercarriage the Klemm 35D could also be fitted with floats and skis. The Klemm Kl.35 was ordered by the Deutsche Luftsport Verband and used as a trainer for the Luftwaffe. The Klemm Kl.35 was built under license in Czechoslovakia and remained in production until 1941. About 2000 airframes were built.

The 1940-built Klemm Kl 35D s/n 1904 was original built for the Swedish Air Force as part of an order for 74 Klemm 35 aircraft. The airframe c/n 1904 was built in Germany and assembled at AB Flygplan in Halmstad when delivered from Germany and registered Fv5069. Swedish military aircraft are identified by designations, consisting of a role prefix and a sequential number: the Klemm 35 is a Sk15 (Skolflygplan). Klemm 35 Fv5069 was given the designation Sk15C as the airframe had original a one-legged landinggear, covered cockpit, enhanced fuel capacity and attachmentpoints for floats. The Klemm 35 was operated by the Swedish Air Force as a trainer. After being withdrawn from use with the Swedish Air Force in 1947, Klemm Kl.35D Fv5069 was sold to KHT Flyhklubb and registered SE-BHX on 10 October 1948. The SE-BHX was registered to the Norrtälje flygklubb on 28 May 1956 and N.F.Möhl, Uppsala, on 18 September 1963. After the aircraft was sold in Germany, the registration SE-BHX was cancelled on 6 October 1964. In May 1965, the Klemm 35 D was registered to G.Büssis in Nordhorn, and based at Nordhorn-Klausheide. Since the D-ECCI was based for some time at Rotterdam-Zestienhoven in the Netherlands. In 1997, the D-ECCI ditched in the sea next to the beach of Duinkerken, France. The airframe was rebuilt at Hoogeveen airfield and fitted with a Hirth HM 504 A2 engine. Klemm Kl 35 D D-ECCI is part of the DNW-fleet. On 13 May 2006, the D-ECCI was photographed at its homebase Hoogeveen airfield, the Netherlands.

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