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Bücker Bü.131A Jungmann


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G-BUVN CASA I.131E Jungmann c/n 2092 - 'Dutch Air Force BI 005' - vliegveld Hoogeveen in Holland - 13 May 2006 Hoogeveen airfield (EHHO)

The CASA I.131E Jungmann two-seat biplane is a trainer evolved from the license built Bücker Bü.131A Jungmann. Bücker Flugzeugbau was founded by Carl Bücker in 1932. Their first design was the Bü.131A Jungmann powered by a 4 cylinder Hirth in line engine. The prototype "D-3150" flew first 27 April 1934. The Jungmann was ordered by the Deutsche Luftsport Verband and used as a trainer for the Luftwaffe. The Bü.131 was built under license in Japan, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Spain. In Spain production started 1938 and the CASA I-131 remained in production with the Construcciones Aeronàuticas Sociedad Anonima (C.A.S.A.) till the end of the fifties.

The CASA I.131E Jungmann s/n 2092 was original built in 1954 for the Ejército del Aire Español - Spanish Air Force - and registered E.3B-487. The aircraft was fitted by CASA with an ENMA Tigre G-IV-Ax engine. In service with the Spanish Air Force the Jungmann was used as a training aircraft. After being withdrawn from use in the Spanish Air Force it was registered civilian as EC-333. In 1996, the airframe was exported to the Netherlands in non flying condition and rebuilt at Hoogeveen airfield. The aircraft was fitted by with an ENMA Tigre G-IV-B engine and registered G-BUVN. CASA 1-131E Series 2000 G-BUVN it flew first after its restauration on 3 August 1996. Painted in the old Dutch Air Force BI 005 colours, the G-BUVN was photographed at Hoogeveen aerodrome on 13 May 2006.

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