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Airbus Military C-295M
0454  35-45
CzechAF 0454 SpanAF '35-45'
Antonov An-12B
Antonov AN-225 Mriya
UR-82060 UR-82060
LET L-60S Brigadyr
De Havilland DH-114 Heron
RAF XM296 RN XR442
53+12 LET L-410UVP-S c/n 800527 - Luftwaffe FBS - Flegerhorst Wünstorf in Germany - 2 June 1994 Mil Mi-8T '93+09'

In November 1980, the 1980-built LET L-410UVP-S s/n 800527 l/n 05-27 was testflown as OK-165. In December 1980, the aircraft entered service as '320' with the NVA VS-14 at Strausberg in the Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. After German reunification in 1990, the Luftwaffe assumed control over the NVA equipment and the German Air Force code '53+12' was alloted for GDR's VIP LET L-410UVP-S '320'. The VIP aircraft entered service with the FBS, the Executive Transport Wing of the Federal Ministry of Defence. In February 2000, LET L-410UVP-S '53+12' was withdrawn from service and sold in the USA. On 25 February 2000, the aircraft was registered N26RZ in the USA as a LET L-410-UVP with Florida Air Transport. On 2 May 2000, the N26RZ was flown by Florida Air Transport to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA. On 28 August 2000, registration N26RZ was cancelled as exported to Guatamala. In September 2000, the aircraft entered service as TG-TAJ with Transportes Aéreos Guatemaltecos. In March 2008, the LET L.410UVP was registered HR-AUT in Honduras where it a number of years was operated by Aerolineas Sosa. On 9 May 2012, after the aircraft was stored already for a longer period, registration HR-AUT was cancelled.
On 2 June 1994, the FBS' LET L-410UVP-S '53+12' was seen at Flegerhorst Wunstorf in Germany.
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for the LET L-410UVP-S is L410.

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