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Airbus A.320
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SpanishAF '35-22'  
Airbus Military C-295M
0454  35-45
CzechAF 0454 SpanAF '35-45'
020 Airbus Military C-295M c/n S-044 - Polish AF 13.Eskadra Lotnicza - Leeuwarden AFB in Holland - 9 June 2016 Leeuwarden AFB (EHLW)

The Airbus Military C-295M is a twin-engine multi-mission tactical transport aircraft with a max payload of up to 2 crew and 71 passengers. The C-295M twin-turboprop transport aircraft was developed by EADS CASA of Spain. The C-295 is a stretched derivative of the CN-235 transporter, with characteristic high-wing, rear-loader design. The aircraft is known for its short take-off and landing capability on semi-prepared runways and for the large payload capacity of 9,250kg. The landing and take-off run of just 320m and 670m allow the aircraft access to runways close to operational or crisis areas or where supplies and troops are needed. EADS CASA announced the aircraft in June 1997 and the prototype made its its maiden flight on 28 November 1997; followed by the first production arcraft on 22 December 1998. In 1999, the Spanish Ministry of Defence placed a contract for nine C-295M aircraft. The aircraft was granted INTA certification for military operations, and DGAG and FAA (FAR part 25) certification in 1999. More than 150 C-295 aircraft are on order or already built in Spain.

The Polish Air Force (Sily Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej) recieved seventeen C-295 aircraft that replaced their Antonov An-26s. One aircraft crashed on 24 January 2008, the other sixteen are in service at 8. Baza Lotnictwa Transportowego - Kraków-Balice Air Base. The Poland Armed Forces were the first foreign customer for the C-295 when ordering eight C-295 planes in 2001. With additional orders in 2006; 2007 and 2012, the total number of C-295 aircraft ordered by the Poland came at seventeen. The 2007-built EADS CASA C-295M c/n S-044 entered service with the Polish Air Force as '020' and is operated by 13.Eskadra Lotnicza. On 9 June 2016, Polish AF C-295M '020' was seen at Leeuwarden AFB in the Netherlands prior the Luchtmachtdagen 2016.

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