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D-MCOH Comco-Ikarus C42CS c/n 1504-7335 - COMCO-IKARUS 45 YEARS - Flugplatz Ganderkesee in Germany - 26 May 2018 Flugplatz Ganderkesee (EDWQ)

The Comco-Ikarus C42CS is a two-seat high-wing ultralight aeroplane with a fixed tricycle undercarriage. Developed as the successor of the Fox C22, the Comco-Ikarus C42 is an innovative two-seat micro-light aircraft. Production of the C-42 started in 1997. The C42 has been continuously improved and further developed. In 2012, the C42C was introduced. The rugged airplane was modernized with composite structure parts (CFK), addition of winglets, spades and Flettner rudder. All this changes added agility to the more then 1400 C42 airplanes sold at that time and improved the C42 performances. The new engine mount originates from the C52 model, the wingspan was reduced to 8,51 m thanks tto the use of the airflow optimized winglets. In 2015, the C42CS was introduced. This is the most sophisticated version of the Comco range and is easely identifiable through the new undercarriage. The new gear consists now of a single composite arm, the same used on the C52 concept-airplane. Beringer brakes and a more functional interior are part of the serial trim. Cruise speed has increased to 200 km/h. Engine options are the Rotax 912 and the 4-cylinder-4-stroke Rotax 912SUL engine. The empty weight of the aeroplane is 280 kg. With an airspeed of 197 km/h and a fuel tank volume of 65 litre the range of the C42CS is approx. 800 km. There are two versions of the C42CS: the C42CS Competition and the C42CS Champion. Over 1.450 C42 aircraft are built and delivered world-wide.

In 2015, Comco-Ikarus C42CS s/n 1504-7335 was registered D-MCOH in Germany. The airframe is powered by a Rotax 912UL DCDI engine. The 2015-built Comco-Ikarus C42CS D-MCOH is used by Comco-Ikarus as demonstrator. On 26 May 2018, Comco-Ikarus C42CS D-MCOH was seen during AirFair 2018 at Ganderkesee airfield, Germany, in the special 'Comco Ikarus 45 years' colors.

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