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Cosmos Phase III
Comco-Ikarus Sherpa II
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Comco-Ikarus Fox II / C22

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Comco-Ikarus C42B Cyclone
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D-MMHI Comco-Ikarus Fox D - MLA airfield Dankern near Haren (Ems) in Germany - 5 September 2004 MLA Flugplatz Haren / Dankern

The single-seater Comco-Ikarus Fox D is an example for the simplicity and suitability of the first generation micro-light aircraft. The manufacturer of the Sherpa, Comco GmbH, was originally specialised in the production of special machinery. In 1976, Comco began making hang gliders, of which under the name Ikarus over 2000 were built. The single-seat Sherpa I was the first motorised Ikarus micro-light aircraft and entered serial production in 1982. In 1983, the single-seater Sherpa I was replaced in production by the Fox D, an open single-seater constructed out of alu-tube covered with sailcloth. The nose of the plane is made out of glassfibre composite as used by the 2-seater Sherpa II. The prop of the Fox D is driven by a Göbler-Hirth F263 engine. Comco-Ikarus Fox D-MMHI was photographed at the MLA-airfield Haren-Dankern in Germany.

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