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PH-TOT Staaken Z-21 Flitzer c/n PFA 223-13115 - 'Baron von Hosendreck' - Hoogeveen airfield in Holland - 6 October 2018 Hoogeveen airfield (EHHO)

The Staaken Z-21 Flitzer is a single-seat, open cockpit retro-style biplane with fixed conventional landing gear with spoked wheels and a single engine in tractor configuration. The Flitzer Z-21 or Staaken Z-21 Flitzer is a British amateur-built aircraft, designed by Lynn Williams and produced by Flitzer Sportplanes of Aberdare, Wales. The aircraft is supplied as plans for amateur construction. The aircraft is made from wood, with its flying surfaces covered in doped aircraft fabric. Its 5.5 m span wing has a combined area of 9 m2 and ailerons on the bottom wing only. The design was inspired by a small German '20s biplane and has good aerobatic qualities. The Z-21 Glizer was designed for the 65 hp Volkswagen 1835cc air-cooled aero engine, but other variants have been developed that use a variety of engines, including the 110 hp Rotec R2800 seven-cylinder radial engine. Other versions with larger engines are in the pipeline and various alternative configurations are under construction, including a four-aileron model, a lightweight version called the Goblin, long range-versions and a tandem two-seater. More than 200 sets of Flitzer plans have been sold.

On 24 March 1997, the amateur built Staaken Z-21 Flitzer was registered G-FLIZ. Brown GL was registered as manufacturer of the aircraft to which s/n PFA 223-13115 was assigned, wherein PFA revers to Popular Flying Association. In 1999 the aircraft was officialy registered with 1999 as built; at that time the aircaft was painted as 'D694'. Over the years, the Z-21 Flitzer G-FLIZ was registered with a number of owners in the UK. On 14 November 2017, registration G-FLIZ was cancelled as exported to the Netherlands. On 12 January 2018, the Staaken Z-21 Flitzer was registered PH-TOT in the Netherlands and based at Hoogeveen airfield. At Hoogeveen the aircraft was painted in a German fantasy color with titles like 'Baron von Hosendreck'; 'Fliegerhorst Hochfehn' and 'Staaken Flugzeugbau Berlin - Baujahr 1929'. On 6 October 2018, the Staaken Z-21 Flitzer PH-TOT was seen in front of its hangar at Hoogeveen airfield.

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