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PH-MGA Teijgeler DR.1050 M c/n 868 (NVAV No. 183) - Hoogeveen airfield in Holland - 28 February 2015 vliegveld Hoogeveen (EHHO)

The S.A.N. Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur is a three/four-seater, cantilever low-wing aircraft with fixed, tailwheel conventional landing gear with wheel pants and a single engine. The Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur is derived from the DR.100, a further development of the two-seat Jodel D.11. Designed by Pierre Robin in collaboration with Jean Délémontez, the Ambassadeur was evolved by the Centre Est Aeronautique, and as the DR.100, flown first as F-WIFR on 14 July 1958. Licence rights were granted to the Société Aéronautique Normande (S.A.N.) who established a second production line at Bernay-St. Martin in France. The DR.100 had a 90 hp Continental C90-14F engine, and a variant, the DR.105 had a 100 hp Continental 0-200-A four-cylinder air-cooled engine. In 1960, the improved DR.1050 appeared, this was also built by S.A.N. at Bernay-St, Martin.The DR.1051 is a variant of the basic design powered by a 105 hp Potex E-40 engine, and the Centre Est Aéronautique has further developed the DR.1051 as the Jodel DR.1051M Sicile Record.with a cockpit canopy of improved shape and redesigned engine cooling. In 1969, Centre Est Aéronautique changed ist name to Société des Avions Pierre Robin.

On 24 June 2004, the as NVAV No. 183 built Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur was registered as PH-MGA with c/n 868 in the Netherlands with H.G. Teijgeler, Almere. The aircraft is a NVAV project and built by Hans Teijgeler. In this project are some parts used of the 1964-built Jodel DR.1051 c/n 557. Jodel DR.1051 c/n 557 was built in 1964 by S.A.N. at Bernay-St. Martin and on 20 May 1964 registered F-GMBA with Aero Club du Bassin Minier and based at Montceaules-Mines. At that time, the aircraft was powered by an 105 hp Potez 4 E-20 A air-cooled flat-four piston engine. On 14 November 1968, the aircraft was sold and based at Valance. On 23 February 1972, registration F-GMBA was cancelled as exported. and the aircraft was registered OO-MGA in Belgium on 29 March 1972. However the aircraft is reported as destroyed, registration OO-MGA is not cancelled yet. On 26 January 2010, the registered type of the as NVAV No. 183 built Jodel DR.1050 c/n 868 PH-MGA changed to SAN DR 1050M Excellence. On 9 February 2010, the registered type was changed to Teijgeler DR 1050M, powered by a Subaru EJ25 engine.

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