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(Agusta) Bell 206B JetRanger
Bell 206L LongRanger
PH-HRH Bell 206A JetRanger c/n 179 - Heli-Holland - heliport Emmen in Holland - 9 July 1993 Heli-Holland helicopters

The Bell 206A JetRanger is a 5-seat light utility helicopter powered by a single Allison C18A turbine engine. In 1961, twelve companies submitted proposals to meet U.S.Army requirements for a four-seat turbine-powered light observation helicopter. After evaluation, three designs were selected and 5 of each: the Bell OH-4A; the Hiller OH-5 and the Hughes OH-6, were ordered for trials by the U.S.Army Aviation Board. The prototype of this Model 206 made its first flight on 8 December 1962. However the Bell OH-4A didn't win the competition, the helicopter was a success as the Bell 206 Jet Ranger. The prototype of this five-seat commercial model, the Bell 206A JetRanger N8590F, flew on 10 January 1966. Bell received FAA certification for the helicopter on 20 October 1966, and deliveries of the Model 206A powered by a 317 shp Allison C18A engine, started in January 1967. In the early 1970s, production switched to the Model 206B JetRanger II with a 400 shp 250-C20 turboshaft. Next to this commercial success the Jet Ranger entered after all also the military scene: the Bell 206 Jet Ranger was ordered in 1962 by the US Navy as the TH-57 Sea Ranger. Due to the higher unit price and significant deliver delays on the original winner of the 1961 U.S.Army competition for a light observation helicopter, the Hughes OH-6, the U.S. Army reopened in 1968 the light observation helicopter (LOH) bidding. This time Bell was the winner and an initial order for 2200 OH-58A Kiowa, a military version of the Model 206A followed. Deliveries of the OH-58A helicopters began in May 1969. The Model 206 was built under license by Agusta in Italy as the AB.206 Jet Ranger. More than 4800 206Bs and 1700 206Ls have been produced since the introduction of the 206A JetRanger on 13 January 1967, when the first two production aircraft were delivered to customers. Since, Bell has delivered five different generations of the commercial 206 with its 206A/B JetRangers and 206L/L1/L3/L4 LongRangers. Production of the Bell 206B3 JetRanger ended in 2011; production of the Bell 206L4 LongRanger IV ended in June 2017. At the end, the Bell 206 aircraft were produced at Bell Helicopter's facility in Mirabel, Canada.
The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator with Wake Category used to classify aircraft types for the Bell 206L helicopters is B06.

In 1968 Bell 206A JetRanger c/n 179 was registered N4009G in the USA. On 20 August 1979, the 1968-built JetRanger was registered F-BSUY in France with Ste Cooperative D'Utilisation de Materiel Agricole / Travagi. Bell 206A JetRanger F-BSUY was registered with a number of owners / operators in France until the registration was cancelled by Air Affaires EJA France SARL on 10 april 1980. The next day, the JetRanger was registered OO-JMG in Belgium with Transport Noterman, Amougies. After the helicopter was sold in the Netherlands, registration OO-JMG was cancelled on 16 February 1990. Bell 206A JetRanger c/n 179 was registered PH-HRH with Heli-Holland Holding BV, Emmer-Compascuum, on 28 February 1990. On 7 August 1993, JetRanger PH-HRH was substantialy damaged in Leerdam when it overturned after it landed half in a ditch during a precautionary landing due to losing power. The damaged Bell 206A JetRanger PH-HRH was replaced in service with Heli Holland by Agusta-Bell AB.206B Jet Ranger II c/n 8076, that was registered PH-HWH with Heli-Holland Holding BV, Emmer-Compascuum, on 3 September 1993. Registration PH-HRH was cancelled on 31 August 1995 and the wrekkage of the helicopter was stored. In June 2015, the the fuselage of the helicopter was scrapped except the front of the helicopter, which will be used for a private simulator. Bell 206A JetRanger PH-HRH was photographed in better days at the Heli-Holland heliport near Emmen.

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