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Dijkman Dulkes Dijkhastar II
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PH-CDD Dijkman Dulkes Dijkhastar IV c/n 001 - Hoogeveen airfield in Holland - 24 May 2015 vliegveld Hoogeveen (EHHO)

The Dijkman Dulkes Dijkhastar IV is a single-seat, single-engined, shoulder wing, amphibian aircraft with a tricycle landing gear. The Lycoming O-360 A1AD engine with pusher propellor is fitted on the top of the fuselage roughly located between the wings. The Dijkhastar IV and Dijkhastar V were the last projects Dijkman Dulkes worked on and the amphibian aircraft was stored at Hoogeveen airfield early 2006.

On 14 November 2006, the Dutch aircraft designer Cor P. Dijkman Dulkes died at the age of 68. He designed and built his first airplane, the Dijkman Dulkes Bravo, along with his brother Clement M. Dijkman Dulkes. On 13 September 1969 the Dijkman Dulkes Bravo with the markings PH-COR on the fuselage and FB.25 on the tail, took inadvertently off from the beach during taxi trials at Wijk aan Zee and the pilot did not dare to land on the beach. He flew the aircraft to Rotterdam-Zestienhoven Airport where it was promptly seized by the authorities because it was an illegal flight.

Cor Dijkman Dulkes has designed and built several aircraft. In 2006, two of these aircraft were inside the Barnstormers hangar at Hoogeveen airfield: Dijkhastar III PH-KOR and Dijkhastar IV PH-CDD. Next to these, a new project the Dijkhastar V helicopter (PH-WOL) was being worked on at Hoogeveen. All the projects built by C.P. Dijkman Dulkes are still owned by his widow Mrs. W.I Dijkman Dulkes - Hornstra.

On 5 July 2002, registration PH-CDD was reserved for the Dijkman Dulkes Dijkhastar IV c/n 001. The amphibian aircraft was tested on the water but has never flown and early 2006 the amphibian was stored at Hoogeveen airfield. On 27 January 2009 registration PH-CDD was cancelled as decommissioned. In 2009 the Dijkhastar IV PH-CDD was moved by road to the Deltion College in Zwolle, where it found a place in the main hall. In April 2013, when the Deltion College needed space for a F-16, the Dijkhastar IV returned to Hoogeveen airfield. The fuselage and wings were stored in the Ypenburg hangar. In May 2015, the fuselage of the Dijkhastar IV was being moved from the Ypenburg hangar to the central area of the airport. During late May 2015, the wings and the floats were attached again.

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