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HA-YAT Sukhoi Su-29 c/n 78-02 - RAFC - Oostwold-Oldambt airfield in Holland - 20 May 2013 vliegveld Oostwold (EHOW)

The Sukhoi Su-29 is a fixed wing, single-engine, two-seat aerobatic aircraft built and developed by the Sukhoi Company (JSC)in Russia. The Sukhoi SU-29 is a further development of the highly valued single-seat Sukhoi Su-26M aerobatic aircraft from the former Soviet Union. When developing the Su-29's aerodynamic configuration and airframe design, Sukhoi took into account the field experience gained in using the Su-26. In less than a year Sukhoi produced design documentation and built the first plane. Many design and technological solutions for the Su-29 were lifted from its predecessor; the extent of utilisation of common elements from the production Su-26 was 65%. The designers improved the mid-fuselage solution and engineered a second cockpit, and increased the wingspan and the fuselage length by 400mm each. Due to wide use of composite materials, which share up to 60% of the Su-29 aircraft structure, the empty weight increased by no more than 60 kg as compared to the Su-26 aircraft empty weight. On 9 August 1991, the first prototype aeroplane Su-29-1 was flown first by Ye.I. Frolov from the FRI airfield in Zhukovsky. The Sukhoi Su-29 demonstrate superior acceleration and rate-of-climb performance, excellent controllability, high level of permissible g-loads, and all-round field of view from the cockpit. In case of emergencies, the pilot is in a position to escape from the aeroplane using the SKS-94M ejection system. Early 1992, the first twelve aircraft were sold in the USA. On 7 July 1994, the Su-29 became the first aircraft in Russia to obtain full Russian Certification to AR-23 standard, according to Type Certificate Data Sheet number 60-29. The Russian Type Certificate Holder is Advanced Aircraft Construction Technologies, Moscow, Russian Federation. The Sukhoi Su-29 is fitted with one Vedeneyev (OKBM) M14P of 360 hp or M14PF of 400hp nine-cylinder radial piston engine, which is geared and supercharged. Over 50 Sukhoi Su-29 aircraft were built.

On 20 May 2013, "RAFC - Russian Flying Company" Sukhoi Su-29 HA-YAT was seen at Oostwold-Oldambt airfield, the Netherlands, during an engine run. The aircraft was flown in its aerobatic show during the Oostwold Airshow 2013 by Stephen van Dijck. The 1994-built Sukhoi Su-29 s/n 78-02 was testflown as RA-7802 and registered RA-016102 in Russia. Since, the airframe was registered HA-YAT in Hungary. Sukhoi Su-29 HA-YAT was operated by the Real Aero Club de España and flown by Ramon Alonso, the 2007 world unlimited aerobatic champion and still sports his bright yellow and blue livery. In 2011, the aircraft was purchased by Stephen van Dijck and entered service as HA-YAT with RAFC at Lelystad Airport. On 30 April 2014, the aircraft was registered PH-KAH in the Netherlands with Stephen van Dijck.

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