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D-MSTB HFL Flugzeugbau Stratos 300 - Hatten aerodrome near Oldenburg in Germany - 6 August 1997 Flugplatz Oldenburg-Hatten (EDWH)

The HFL Flugzeugbau Stratos 300 is a single-seat pusher design microlight aeroplane. The out of glass fibre strengthened synthetic built "Stratos" is a product of HFL Flugzeugbau GmbH from Luneburg in Germany. The length of the Stratos 300 is 6,3 meters; the wingspan is 12,60 meters. An air-cooled 2-cycle König SC-430 engine drives the 3-blade push-propeller of the Stratos 300. The cruise speed of the Statos is 92 km/h; the maximum speed is 120 km/h. Through the large wing surface the Stratos can be flown with a minimum speed of 45 km/h and acts as an ultralight motorglider.

On 6 August 1997, HFL Flugzeugbau Stratos 300 D-MSTB was photographed at Flugplatz Hatten near Oldenburg in Germany.
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