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Brantly 305
Mil Mi-8T
93+09 CCCP-11097
Luftwaffe 93+09 CCCP-11097
Mil Mi-8MTV-1
Mil Mi-12 (V-12) "Homer"
(Agusta) Bell 206B
D-HZPL PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2S c/n 569342085 - POLIZEI - Berlin-Schönefeld Airport in Germany - 26 May 1994 Soviet designed aircraft

The Mil Mi-2 is an 8-10-seat multi-role transport helicopter powered by two Izotov turboshaft engines. The Mil Mi-2 (NATO reporting name 'Hoplite') was derived from the piston-engine Mil Mi-1. It provides accommodation for six-eight passengers and two crewmembers. In the ambulance role, it can carry four casualty stretchers and a medical attendant. The first of two prototypes of the Mi-2 or V-2 powered by two 400shp Isotov GTD-350 turboshaft engines mounted above the cabin was flown first in September 1961. Production was initiated in 1963 at the PZL Swidnik factory in Poland. The first PZL-Swidnik Mi-2 performed its first flight in November 1965. In 1988, the PZL W-3 Sokol replaced the Mi-2 in production. Over 5000 PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2 helicopters were built.

In August 1985, the PZL-Swidnik Mil Mi-2S s/n 569342085 was delivered the LSK / NVA (Luftstreitkräfte der Nationale Volksarmee) of East-Germany. The Mil Mi-2S entered service as '322' with HS-16 (Hubschrauberstaffel 16) of the GDR border troops at Salzwedel. On 14 October 1986, HS-16 moved its base to Nordhausen. In 1989, at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hubschrauberstaffel 16 "Albert Kunz" operated fifteen Mi-2 and three Mi-8 helicopters. In 1990, registration DDR-VGH was alloted for Mil Mi-2S '322' but not taken up. On 14 September 1990, fourteen former HS-16 Mil Mi-2 helicopters, including the '322' were flown from Nordhausen to Berlin-Schönefeld and handed over to the Zentralen Polizeifliegerstaffel (ZFPS). In June 1991, the Mil Mi-2S was re-registered D-HZPL. In 1991, the Polizeifliegerstaffel of the new German federal countries emerged from the Zentralen Polizeifliegerstaffel and Mil Mi-2S D-HZPL entered service with PolHS Thüringen (Hubschrauberstaffel of the Police of Thüringen) at Erfurt. In December 1992, the D-HZPL was transferred to PolHS Brandenburg at Berlin-Schönefeld. In service with the Police of Brandenburg, the helicopter used call sign "Adebar 15". Early 2002, Mil Mi-2S D-HZPL was withdrawn from service and preserved as a gate guard next to the Police of Brandenburg main building at Schönefeld airport. In 2005, the Mil Mi-2S was sold in an auction and added to the collection of the Luftfahrthistoriche Sammlung Museum Finow. The 1985-built Mil Mi-2S D-HZPL is on display in the Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt at Flugplatz Eberswalde-Finow since.

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