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Beech C23 Sundowner
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Sud Aviation GY-80 Horizon
SOCATA MS.893 / Rallye
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Stinson Vultee V-77
NC64435 Royal Navy FB735
D-ERJS SOCATA TB-9 Tampico Club c/n 1165 - iAAG / SLAGTAIR - Lelystad Airport in Holland - 1 October 2015 Lelystad Airport (EHLE)

The SOCATA TB-9 Tampico Club is an all-metal low-wing cabin four-seated touring aircraft. In 1975, SOCATA (Société de Construction d'Avions de Tourisme et d'Affaires) started the development of a new light aircraft to replace the ageing Rallye. A universal low-wing four-seat airframe was chosen to be the basic of a new light aircraft line. The prototype, designated SOCATA TB-10 flew first on 10 February 1977. Three development aeroplanes followed this prototype "F-WJZP". Deliveries of the production TB-10 Tobago planes, initially powered by a 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1AD engine, started in 1979. Next to the TB-10 Tobago the airframe was the base of a family of light aircraft, starting in 1980 with the TB-9 Tampico followed later that year by the TB-20 Trinidad. The TB-9 Tampico was a TB-10 powered by a 160 hp Lycoming O-320-D2A engine, equipped with a fixed pitch propeller and fitted with fixed tricycle landing gear. Deliveries of the production TB-9 Tampico planes started in 1980. Over 450 SOCATA TB-9 Tampico / Tampico Clubs were built.
The ICAO code of the SOCATA TB-9 Tampico is TAMP.

On 19 December 1990, SOCATA TB-9 s/n 1165 was registered F-GLAR with SAMAG / Ste Auxiliaire de Materiel Amaury de la Grange, Aèrodrome de Merville. The TB-9 Tampico Club entered the fleet as a trainer with aviation school IAAG / Instute de Aèronautique Amoury de la Grange, based at Aèroprt de Merville-Calonne. On 1 September 1997, SOCATA TB-9 F-GLAR was registered with EPAG / Ecole de Pilotage Amaury de la Grange, Aèrodrome de Merville. On 31 May 2005, the SOCATA TB-9 F-GLAR was registered with R. Slagter, Bussum, the Netherlands, and based at Lelystad Airport. On 16 June 2008, registration F-GLAR was cancelled as exported to Germany. The SOCATA TB-9 was registered D-ERJS with R. Slagter, and remained based at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands. On 1 October 2015, the 1990-built SOCATA TB-9 Tampico Club D-ERJS was seen on the apron of Martiniar Vliegschool at Lelystad Airport in iAAG / SLAGTAIR colors.

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