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UR-82060 Antonov An-225 Mriya c/n 19530503763 - International Cargo Transporter - Berlin-Brandenburg Airport in Germany - 25 April 2018 An-225 UR-82060

The Antonov An-225 Mriya is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft that was designed by the Soviet Union's Antonov Design Bureau in the 1980s. The Antonov An-225,was  initially developed for the  transport of the Buran spaceplane. The design of the An-225 is based on and is an enlargement of Antonov's four engined An-124. The An-225's name, Mriya (Мрiя) means "Dream" (Inspiration) in Ukrainian. The aircraft is powered by six turbofan engines and has a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes. It has the largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service. An increased-capacity landing gear system with 32 wheels was designed, some of which are steerable, enabling the aircraft to turn within a 60 m wide runway. The An-225's nosegear is able to kneel so cargo can be more easily loaded and unloaded. The cargo hold is impressiv with a volume of 1,300 m3 and measures of 43.35 m long; 6.4 m wide and 4.4 m tall. The single example built flew first on 21 December 1988 and was registered CCCP-82060. A second airframe was partially built; its'; completion was halted following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. This second uncompleted An-225 airframe is stored and was never completed because of lack of funding and interest.

Antonov An-225 CCCP-82060 was operated by Antonov Airlines and mostly operated on Soviet military missions. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the cancellation of the Buran space program, the lone operational An-225 was placed in storage in 1994. The six Ivchenko Progress engines were removed for use on An-124s. In 2000, the Antonov An-225 modified for heavy cargo transport and re-engined. On 23 May 2001, the An-225 received its type certificate from the Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Register and entered service as UR-82060 under the management of Antonov Airlines. On 3 january 2002, the giant aircraft operated its first commercial cargo flight under the management of Antonov Airlines.
On 25 April 2018, Antonov An-225 Mriya UR-82060 was showed at the static of the ILA 2018 Berlin Air Show at Berlin-Brandenburg / Willy Brandt International Airport. To show its impressive cargo hold, the nose of the "Mriya" was raised.
On 26 or 27 February 2022, the Antonov AN-225 was destroyed by fire in an attack by the Russian army on Antonov International Airport 'Gostomel' near Kiev in the Ukraine, the home base of the aircraft.

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