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D-EJHO Oberlerchner JOB 15-150/2 c/n 062 - Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg in Germany - 7 April 2018 Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg (EDWF)

The Oberlerchner JOB 15-150 is a three-seat single engined low wing light aircraft developed and produced by Josef Oberlerchner Holzindustrie. The Josef Oberlerchner Holzindustrie was an Austrian company which established a prewar reputation for its Mg.4, Mg.9, Mg.10 and Mg.12 sailplanes designed by Ing. Erwin Müsger. After WW II, Oberlerchner built the Mg.19 and Mg.23 sailplanes. In 1957, the company designed and built the JOB 5, a side-by-side two-seater off all-wood construction with a fixed tailwheel undercarriage and powered by a 95 hp Continental C90-12F engine. In 1958, the prototype JOB 5 (c/n 01 OE-VAF) was flown first and, after completion of more than 100 hours of development flying, the decision to embark upon series production was taken. The production version, the JOB 15 was expanded to three seats with an enlarged streamlined blister canopy. The original all-wood fuselage was replaced by a welded steel-tubular structure with glassfibre and fabric covering, enlarged vertical tail surfaces were fitted, and the aircraft was equipped an 135 hp Avco Lycoming O-290-D2B engine. A hook was fitted to add glider-towing to the original roles of training, touring and limited aerobatics. The prototype JOB 15 (c/n 051 OE-VAL) flew first in 1960, and the type entered production at Spittal / Drau with two more completed in 1962 before the JOB 15-150, a re-engined version with a 150 hp Avco Lycoming O-320-A2B engine was introduced. After eleven JOB 15-150s had been built an improved version, the JOB 15-150/2 was introduced of which ten were built before production of the JOB 15 series ended in June 1966. Curious is that over fourty years after production of the JOB 15 ended an aircraft was re-built into a JOB 15-180 commissioned by FAG Aachen. FAG Aachen was founded as an aeronautical engineering consortium for the training of the students of the former aviation technology and vehicle construction department at the Aachen State Engineering School to be supplemented in a practical area. FAG Aachen had the outdated JOB 15-150 c/n 053 D-EEAG, fitted with an old engine, bought cheaply. The upcoming overhaul was carried out in the "FAG-Halle". To increase the towing capacity of the plane, a 180 hp four-cylinder Lycoming O-360 engine was installed. The required documentation for the approval of the new 180 hp engine was provided by a FAG member in the strength laboratory of the FH for the Federal Office of Civil Aviation. Since then the modified aircraft is called JOB 15-180/2.

The 1965-built Oberlerchner JOB 15-150/2 c/n 062 was registered OE-CAY in Austria before the aircraft was exported to West Germany. In 1966, the aircraft was registered D-EJHO by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA), the German Federal Aviation Office, under number 2500 des Lufttüchtigkeitszeugnisses (No. of C.of A.) with Motorfluggruppe Grenzland e.V., Grefrath, Flugplatz Niershorst, as owner. On 7 April 2018, the aircraft was seen at Flugplatz Leer-Papenburg, over 50 years after this Oberlerchner JOB 15-150/2 entered the German register as D-EJHO.

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