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Kaminskas Jungster 1


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I-B953 PH-4N3
SAAB MFI-17 Supporter
SE-XUI T-417
T-421 T-431
RDanAF T-421 RDanAF T-431
Van's Aircraft RV-7
Van's Aircraft RV-12
D-EGSO Van's Aircraft RV-9A c/n 90888 - Flugplatz Nordhorn-Lingen in Germany - 24 March 2018 Flugplatz Norhorn-Lingen (EDWN)

The Van's Aircraft RV-9 / RV-9A, is a side-by-side two-seater, single-engine, low-wing homebuilt aircraft with either tricycle or tailwheel landing gear. The RV-9 is the tail-wheel equipped version while the RV-9A is the nose-wheel version of the aircraft. The RV-9/9A is an airplane, designed for pilots who are not interested in aerobatics but simply want a nice-handling aircraft for sport flying. With side-by-side seating, this two-seater is designed to provide fast and efficient cruising while retaining a low landing speed. The RV-9 shares many common parts with the RV-7 and the RV-8, which reduces production costs. The main difference of the RV-9/9A with the RV-4/6/8 is the wing that is longer and narrower than the wings of the RV-4/6/8 series, and uses a new Roncz airfoil. The increased span allows it to climb well on low power and glide a long way. The flaps are a long span, slotted, high lift design that allows the airplane to land slower than many primary trainers. A simplified constant-chord horizontal tail and large vertical tail are proportioned to work with the longer wing. The robust fuselage and cabin are identical to the RV-7/7A and there are the same sliding/tip-up canopy and trigear/tailwheel landing gear options.The RV-9 prototype was flown first in December 1997. The Van's Aircraft RV-9 was introduced on the market in 1999. The RV-9/9A is sold in kit form and as a complete ready-to-fly aircraft by Van's Aircraft of Aurora, Oregon, USA. Van's Aircraft was founded in 1972 by the American aircraft designer Richard E. VanGrunsven. Thousands of RV-9/9As have been sold and up to now over 1000 RV-9/9A aircraft are completed. The ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for both Van's Aircraft RV-9 and RV-9A is RV9.

In 2006, the from a construction kit home-built Van's Aircraft RV-9A s/n 90888 was registered D-EGSO in Germany as a Strassburg RV-9A. On 24 March 2018, the amateur-built Strassburg / Van's RV-9A D-EGSO was seen at Flugplatz Nordhorn-Lingen "Klausheide" in Germany.

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